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Doing July 18, 2007

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Last night, Zach and I watched part of a PBS show called Wide Angle, which followed several children in different countries and cultures through their first years of school.  This was the follow-up show to see how they were doing 3 years later.  I feel for these kids, so I suppose the show did what it was supposed to.  Jefferson, from Brazil lives in a shanty town in Rio and often hears gunshots on his way to school…but he wants to be a soccer star.  Another girl in Benin was the only girl in her family to get to go to school.  She was needed on the farm after her dad died, but his last wish was for her to continue in school.  A boy, Ken, from Japan does very well in school and is a happy kid, even though his school system is one of the most rigorous in the world.  I guess I was just thinking about how kids everywhere are so resilient, so trusting, no matter their situation.  I love that.  It makes me think of the qualities Jesus was talking about when he said that if anyone wants to come to Him, you have to become like a child.  Of course, I don’t know what my response should be as a well-off American who had good schooling without any setbacks.  I wouldn’t even know where to start to help alleviating these kids’ problems.  I can do my best with the kids I do see daily, I guess.  I’ve started to try to do the things I think of that would be good or helpful to someone instead of just thinking about it.  I know that sounds logical and not like an epiphany or anything, but there always seem to be times when I think I should go over and say hi to Harry next door, or write someone a note, or the hardest thing for me: calling someone who I don’t see regularly.  I don’t know why that’s so hard.  But I figure that the idea to “do something” was put in my head for a reason, and it will not go away until I do something about it.  It’s mind-clutter.  So, I’m trying to do those “things.”

Lastly, has anyone noticed that when a person says that a product costs “(number) bucks,” it’s supposed to mean that it’s cheap?  I hate that.  This guy on the today show said this food processor was “60 bucks” indicating that it was not expensive.  And apparently, you can make over your entire kitchen with 3 products for only “300 bucks”.  I think “only” is another operative word.  But I still don’t like the way “bucks” is used, unless it is “one bucks.”  That’s a good deal.


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