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Cute Nephews July 19, 2007

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I was just looking on my sister’s myspace page and browsing through her photos. I must say, my nephews are pretty darn cute. They are happy kids with lots of family that love them. Ethan is 3.5 and Caleb is almost 1. I really enjoy getting to see them and play with them when I can, but it is hard to get up there to SC very often. Even though I finally decided that I do like Florida (I decided that a few years ago after a rough 1st year here), it is still difficult being far away from our families. We are 8-9 hours from Zach’s parents and grandparents, 7-8 hours from my parents and big sister, and who knows how far it is to Baltimore (where Megan is). It makes holidays and vacations harder to plan because we want to be able to see everyone while we are traveling. We do the best we can, though. Everyone has their lives where they are, and you make family with the people around you. Speaking of “family,” I am going to see my brothers and sisters at One Another Group tonight. I have not ever been a part of such a caring group of people apart from family. I think Daniel really set the example for our group. His sincerity was apparent as soon as Zach and I came. I am glad that we are able to have friends here that we can depend on, pray with, study with. We also get to play volleyball…Zach really likes that. He gets to show his awesome 8th grade-volleyball-champ-skills. I am going to try to attach some pictures of cute nephews…I hope it works.

Ethan and Caleb face paint Jill and Caleb


One Response to “Cute Nephews”

  1. Jill Says:

    Hi Stacy! I like your new blog! Thanks for dedicating a post to your nephews . . . they would like that! I will have to show Ethan the pictures. Love you! _ Big Sis – Jill

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