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My Eye hurt July 20, 2007

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Yesterday evening, I must have scratched my eye or something.  I put drops in it so I could read before falling asleep, but the eyedrops made it too fuzzy.  So this morning, I thought it’d be better because eyes heal pretty quickly, but it wasn’t better yet.  I wore my glasses all day today.  It’s kind of disorienting when you’re not used to wearing them all the time.  They also are not adjusted to my head and give me a headache if I wear them more than 2 hours.  So I dropped by Sams club on my way home from teaching today to have them adjusted.  The lady said she bent them around the best she could, but that I could probably shop in the kids glasses dept. because the part that goes around my ear is still too long.  Oh well.  At least I normally wear contacts.  My eyes are so bad.  (Thanks dad).  I think the scratch is healed now.

I made a good choice after work today…I wanted either cheezits, peanuts, or a superpretzel, but I chose abanana instead.  Maybe I’ll still have some peanuts, though.

In a previous post, I was talking about how I need to do the good things I think of.  Last night at OAG, we were talking about Matt. 5, the Salt and Light section.  Those good things we think of are most likely the Holy Spirit saying, go help that person.  We are to be light to the world because Jesus is light and He is in us.  But how do we be that?  Most of the time, our good deeds don’t look any different than someone else’s who may be doing something for their own profit or in the name of some other god.  I don’t know that we came to any definite conclusion.  There was something about us having Christ so overflowing in us that the good works and glory to Him come out without us having to plan it.  I know this, but I have heard people say that it is necessary to attach Jesus’ name to an act if we want God to be glorified.  That makes sense, I guess, but that is not natural dialog to me and I don’t think it would have the effect it was meant to.  It would come out sounding all wrong.  It’s not about following a prescribed order when you do something for someone else.  You just do what comes to you because Christ compels you.  I don’t think we should get all caught up in whether you preach it or not.  If you have Christ in you and are discerning his way, He’ll take it from there.  I don’t have to plan out what good deed I’m going to do and what I’ll say after it.

T hat being said, I feel like I missed an opportunity today to be light or salt to someone.  There was a homeless person outside the postoffice, just sitting there on the bench.  No sign, not asking anyone for anything.  I feel that I should have given him my fruit snacks.  I know that sounds stupid (do people really want fruit snacks?) and not like much, but after I left and didn’t do it, I imagined me sitting on the bench next to him and me finding out about his life.  I don’t know if I should have done that or not.  I mean, first of all, in Gainesville, sometimes you can’t tell if someone is homeless or just dirty and sweaty and carrying a plastic bag.  Then they’d be offended.  Also, I was on my way to work, and it is not supposed to be safe to talk to strangers, being female and all.  I don’t know.  Maybe these are all excuses, but as I left, I thought that maybe God will give me another opportunity to share my fruit snacks with someone who needs them.

Gotta go feed the ted…


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