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Good snack July 31, 2007

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I went to choir tonight…it was tiring.  We only have 2 more rehearsals and we are really pushing the Haydn Missa Brevis hard.

Today Jodi came back for a lesson after most of the summer away.  After having taught her 3 kids and her, I know their family pretty well.  They’ve always been kind and genuine.  Jodi’s had her ups and downs in learning piano.  But she somehow manages to stick with it and keep coming back, even though she claims no progress.  I’m glad for her friendship.  Today she gave me a nice gift for being patient with her and something about the “unique challenges of an adult student.”  Teaching adults is more difficult personally than teaching kids.  I have to relate to the adult like a peer, like a teacher, and like someone 25 years younger than she is.

So…………………Zach has been working on his dissertation and making progress, which is much better than before.  I am proud of him.  It must be incredibly difficult to put oneself out there.  I know he deals with inner battles that I won’t even begin to know or understand.  His worth as a person is not wrapped up in his degree, but that is the mentality of writing a dissertation and getting a doctorate.  I encourage when I can, but it is hard for me to know what to do.  I like to “do” and “fix” and solve things for people, and  I find it hard to watch him find his way.  Not that I’d be able to do any of this for him, but the process is arduous to watch.  Zach is a hard worker and somewhat of a perfectionist…I know he will make peace with it all in the end.  It’s just that today is a day when I am discouraged about what our lives will look like a year from now and how the heck we are going to get there.  Most of the time I have a positive disposition, but today I wonder what I am really made of on the inside…currently, it’s Japanese rice/peanut snack.


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