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Here it is September 3, 2007

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…another writing of Stacy!  I love reading other people’s blogs.  Especially Todd’s, Scott’s, Gma’s, Rose’s, and Melissa’s baby blog.  Blogs are interesting…they are not an electronice version of anything.  They aren’t letters or journals or diaries because they are meant to be public.  Yet, I still feel a little strange when I’ve had more contact with someone by reading their blog than by seeing or talking to that person in public.

Zach got a vectrex from ebay…it’s an old game console from 1982 I think.  It works and makes fun sounds.  He’s playing on it now.  Probably doing some sort of research, although I don’t ask now.  I trust that he’s doing what he needs to.  It is still a learning process for me to have a husband working on a dissertation.  I have to know the right levels of encouragement, aloofness, and interest and when to use them.  It’s a little like a game in itself.  And he knows I’m trying to be the right kind of support for him, so he encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing.  The thing he apparently appreciates the most is me packing him a lunch in the morning.  He leaves for the bus at 8 and gets home sometime around 5 or 6, so he likes to munch all day.  He’s noticed an increased sense of energy and productivity since eating little bits all day, running in the morning, taking vitamins, and being on a schedule.  I write about Zach here because that’s who/what I am thinking about currently.  I have the day off teaching since it’s labor day.  I just saw new pictures of Melissa Ott and their dog.  Melissa is in her 3rd trimester and looks/sounds great.  What an adventure they are on.  Peter is deployed right now.  I’m not sure when he’s coming back…hopefully in time for their baby to arrive.

I have been thinking about doing things like learning a language on the computer…French or Spanish maybe?  And I think I should get MTNA’s certification and be a NCTM (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music).  It’s an accreditation that I’d have to apply for and send in transcripts and a teaching portfolio and money.  It would be at least a little bit of hard work, but worth it.  When we move and if I want to set up another teaching studio, it would definitely be a selling point for new students.

Off to something else…


One Response to “Here it is”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    Hello Stacy
    Thankyou for writing about your life, it makes me feel closer. How is Phil? We are in an “exceptional level” drought here in Tennessee. We will lose trees and can only save a few plants by watering everyday. That is a hard thing to do when you are a one legged lady.
    Time to go blog….
    Momma Rose

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