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here’s some October 28, 2007

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I’ve been working on this crochet bag. It has many parts that are to be sewn together. After about a month of crocheting, I was finally ready to put the parts together. The problem is that the edges don’t exactly match up and when I tried to put them together it was all lumpy and didn’t hold a good shape. So I decided to take it apart and create 2 short aprons or something. I may leave this project for a while…it is frustrating to me. Here is a facade of the bag. I just laid out the front and the strap on it the way it’s supposed to be.crochet bag parts

Last night we had the game studies group over. Officially the DA (Digital Assembly), there are probably about 10 in the group. So I made a lovely red velvet cake (courtesy of Eating Well magazine – less fat, calories, full of taste…no, really!), cut apples, set out peanut butter, Zach made our salsa, and we had 2 people come over. It was ok though, because now we have cake left over. Zach and I have each had 2 pieces already today. Here is what is left. I assume it will be gone by tonight….short-hair-2-2007-003.jpg

Zach and I played volleyball and had a cookout over at Jason’s apts. Zach did some awesome move and threw out his back somehow. Today he is hobbling around and is not comfortable in any position…sitting, standing, laying, etc. I went to church this morning to help out in the 4-year old room, but Zach stayed home because he didn’t know if he could sit for that long. Man. I hope he feels better. Our backs are taken for granted sometimes.Stacy and Teddy

Here are some more pictures of teddy and I, popcornZach and I eating popcorn, and Short hair and bangsmy new haircut.shiftyteddy-n-me


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  1. Gma Says:

    That red cakes looks so yummy..One time we had a neighborhood party and I took red cake…Well everybody ate the apple pie someone else brought, and I took the whole red cake home…I had worked on it all day…….Happier mememories…the children always requested red cake for their birthdays…

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