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star trek November 13, 2007

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Zach and I borrowed Jason’s Season 3 DVDs of Star Trek, The Next Generation.  That is the best star trek there is.  We’ve been watching an average of 2 episodes every day since Thursday.  I really like the series because most episodes stand alone.  Also, I have good memories of watching them with my dad while he brushed his teeth at night.  Unfortunately, we don’t get extra channels, so we can’t watch the re-runs on whatever channel they come on…Spike or something like that.  I can’t believe season 3 is about 18 years old.  1989.  Wow.

Zach and I have been enjoying our evening walks with Teddy.  Last night, we talked about Carson Newman and how that was the last place we were before here.  That was a long time ago.  And we talked about when he worked at YMCA Blue Ridge, and I worked at YMCA camp greenville, and when he worked at centrifuge.  And we had a hard time keeping in touch.  He did write me several really good long letters each of those summers.  But I had some emotional issues going on.  So I was sad a lot.  I remember going to visit Rose and Paul without Zach several times, and how I cried once after they took me to church because I missed Zach.   I’m glad we are together now.

I tried to salvage the red bag I’ve been making for a long time.  It didn’t work.  I’m giving up on that one.  But, I did make a cute little blue and white gift bag for Annie.  I put some baby lotion, bibs, and an outfit in it, packaged it up, and sent it yesterday to her neighbor’s house.  Tomorrow, Annie’s husband will go collect all the gifts from over there, surprise Annie with them, and all of us college girlfriends are going to conference call her for a virtual baby shower.  She is going to have a baby boy, Maddox, at the beginning of December.  She is the 4th married girl of our friends to have one.

I have to fill out applications for my students to participate in Festival.  The apps are due December 1.  I still must find appropriate pieces for some.  Luckily, this year I’m only entering 16-17 kids.  I prefer for them to do Student Day and Guild.  Festival is too tense and in my experience, is not a great indicator of how they are doing.  But, some kids still need points for gold cups, so they are going to play again this year.

I’ll post pictures of the bag I made in the next post.


One Response to “star trek”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    I remember those times you and Zach were apart in the summer. Do you remember going to pick up up in Nashville after he had been in Centerfuge? I was so glad to see him too

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