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thanksgiving aught seven November 23, 2007

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family twofamily oneThe Florida Whalens had an exciting Thanksgiving. Although we missed everyone in South Carolina and Tennessee, we were able to start some traditions of our own. They may not stay traditions, but at least for this year, they worked. Our menu was Paul’s Sweet potato casserole, orange-hazelnut asparagus, and almond-encrusted halibut. The beur-blanc sauce for the fish was tricky, but we did it…and it was mmmmmmmmm good. Everything was tasty…not too sweet or salty, and the flavors went well together. table’s setFor dessert, we platemade homemade earl grey tea ice cream and shared various exotic fruits. Here is a picture of a dragon fruit:

dragon fruit Here is a dragon fruit on the inside dragon fruitinside. It has a texture similar to a kiwi with a mildly sweet flavor.

inside cactus pearHere is a cactus pear on the inside. It also has a mild taste, despite it’s vivid red color. It has some unpleasant seeds that make it difficult to eat.

sniffing cherimoyainside cherimoyaThe last exotic fruit we ate last night was a cherimoya. Oh my goodness. This was the best fruit ever.

It is spooned out and the big seeds are easily discarded: The flavor is very sweet and unlike any other fruit I’ve tasted.

That was yesterday – Thursday. Today, Friday, we went suit-shopping for Zach so he could have an awesome look for his job interviews in December. I’ll post those pictures next!


4 Responses to “thanksgiving aught seven”

  1. Megan Says:

    Wow Stacy! your hair looks really good in these pictures! You look so beautiful!! And Zach looks great in his new outfit. He will definitely get a great job! And to comment on your earlier posts….cool bag….and I remember those summers too and am not quite sure how you made it through. I miss Mike just being away from him for a couple days!–I know, pathetic :)–let alone a whole summer! But you and Zach made it and on God’s strength alone. So that too is what I’ll depend on. Thanks for letting your past experiences be an encouragement to me! I love you. I hope we can catch each other on the phone soon!
    Megan 🙂

  2. Megan Says:

    oops. I didn’t realize my post actually posted the other night. I added some tonight and posted again…so some of it is the same. ha.

  3. Gma Says:

    He looks handsome in that new suit.
    That Thanskgiving meal sounds so good..
    We’ll see you soon..
    love, gma

  4. Momma Rose Says:

    UMM yummy meal. You guys look so cute and happy.

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