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Zach’s handsome. November 23, 2007

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casually lategood smilejacket off Today we went to JC Penney and bought Zach a suit jacket, suit pants (non-pleated and non-cuffed — modern and cool looking), dress shirt, belt, and tie, all for 50% off. We really hit the Friday sale. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. We hiked over to Don Pablos to share some fajitas afterward to celebrate his suit victory. It was bought using some gift money from gma and gpa burka. Thanks!! He looks really good. Those job interviewers better give him a job, just for looking so good. The suit is black with a bluish pinstripe. He will also wear a navy suit that he’s had for a while. Oh, and his farmer-high-pant-outfit, too.hiked up pants


2 Responses to “Zach’s handsome.”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    Wow! You accomplished alot at a great price. I know shopping is harder than running a marathon for some people. You guys came in FIRST PLACE!

  2. Jill Says:

    Very sharp looking suit, Zach! I’m sure you will impress at your interviews! And Stacy, your Thanksgiving meal looked very creative and fun! Looking forward to seeing you guys after Christmas! Love, Jill

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