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piano and family December 17, 2007

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me and teddyMy students had their piano recitals last night. I had them in 2 shifts. Crowded, but nice. Each one was about 30 minutes of music, 30 minutes of eating/talking. I was surprised at how well some of my students played…and surprised when one of my students was disappointed in herself. It is good for them to hear each other because they realize how much harder they should be practicing!

I was just browsing through gma’s, rose’s, and todd’s blogs, and I get a little thoughtful about where I’ve been and how far I have come in being a part of the burka/whalen clan. The first family fun I remember is going to a cabin in the smokies to celebrate gma and gpa’s 50th wedding anniversary. I was a girlfriend then. We went on a run with uncle david and laura, played pool and listened to the beastie boys, sat in a hot tub and watched the creature from the black lagoon. Since then, I’ve become a wife, and been invited on 2 cruises, 3 cabins, and a few thanksgivings. I am still getting to know the whalens and burkas, but, since I am one myself now, I suppose I should just be who I am. I love looking at the line-up as it has changed and is changing throughout the years. I love that this new family of mine has traditions (like the wooden reindeer spoken of in gma’s latest entry). It is amazing to think that I’ve been around the whalens for 8 years. I started dating Zach our sophomore year at CN, which was 1999-2000. I remember all the animals…they make a huge part of my memory and provide something of a timeline…gerbils, tilly, smoky, tortie, joy, yak, cherry, sassy, and charlie. I remember when there were pine trees lining their driveway, helping to paint new asphalt on the driveway, feeding wood into the woodchipper late at night, painting the inside of the house. I remember how much like family they already felt to me summer of 2001 when I was working at camp greenville and I came to stay at the whalens on my time off. Zach wasn’t even there, but I knew I had people who cared about me at yarnell road. I’m so so happy I am a part of the whalen/burka and teddyteddy


4 Responses to “piano and family”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    Thank you Stacy. Reading your blog just now brought tears of joy and sadness. You have a way of getting to my heart. You are my sweet sweet girl. Thank you for loving all the Whalens.

  2. Gma Says:

    Amen to what Rose said. We love you Stacy…

  3. stacybee Says:

    You guys are so nice! Thank you:-)

  4. Aunt Melissa Says:

    Uncle David is REALLY glad to have another runner in the family! (We all enjoyed the Christmas pre-cruise dinner in your home one year, too!) We are all very blessed to have you.

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