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knee pain January 18, 2008

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Aggh. I am trying to eat right and exercise, and now I have knee pain. I have been a runner for….15 years now, and have never been plagued with this most common of all pain for runners. So I’ve been looking around the internet, and my self diagnosis is (dun du-du daaah…) pes anserine bursitis. It’s pain on the lower inside of the knee. I have had heel bursitis before, so I should have recognized it. Anyway, it means not running for a while. I would like to still exercise, because I want to lose a few of those christmas pounds still. But, what am I to do? Any leg movement requires the knee. I’ll think of something.


4 Responses to “knee pain”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    oh, ouch. How frustrating.

  2. Jill Says:

    Awww, Stace! Sorry to hear about the knee pain. That is no fun. I miss getting to talk to you a lot lately on the phone. Things have seemed so hectic around here lately. Hope to catch up soon! Could you swim somewhere?

  3. Gma Says:

    Ask Scott..our resident pharmacist… what you should take. As to swimming…the therapist told Rose that kicking in the pool wasn’t helping her knee. Sometimes my knee hurts and then after I walk a little, it feels better.
    That’s all the grandma advice I have…LOVE

  4. Melinda Says:

    I’ve been spying on my lovely stacybee via your blog. I’m sorry I don’t have any useful advice but I do know that when Maggie rubs her eye boogers on my knees it makes my pants dirty but my knees feel full of warmth and happiness. Maybe Teddy could do that for you. I think Teddy and Maggie would have made cute puppies if we hadn’t “Bob Barkered” them. Any more news on the job/moving front? Justin applied to Eugene, Oregon…not exactly back East. Oh well…we’ll see what happens. love you!

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