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waiting – update February 4, 2008

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Hi all,

I’ve been meaning to post, but I haven’t.  So, here goes the update: I haven’t run since my last post, and my knee pain was getting worse.  Now it seems to be subsiding, but the other knee is starting to hurt in the same spot.  I’m not too worried about it right now.  It’s not painful to walk right now, so I have been walking a lot with Teddy.  And some elliptical, although I think that irritates the tendons or whatever.  But I’ve also been faced with modifying my food choices, which I have hardly done very seriously in the past.  I usually eat that extra scoop of frozen yogurt or piece of cake or cookie because I know I will work it off.  Now I am thinking more about portion size and trying to get in more veg.  Not focusing so much on the run has made me enjoy even more the times I get to get outside in the sun with my doggy and my man.  My current pair of running shoes is old, so in case that is contributing to the knee trouble, I bid on (and won) a pair of new kayanos on ebay.  I’m excited to get those.

It seems that I (we) are waiting for several things over the next few weeks.  I will hopefully get that pair of shoes, a pair of flops, and a cd in the mail pretty soon.  I like getting things in the mail.  We are also waiting on Michigan Tech to get back with Zach tonight about whether they are going to offer him a position.  I’m waiting on my students to finish preparing for junior festival, which is this weekend.  I’m waiting for Doug and Melanie to come visit us 2 weekends from now.  Waiting, waiting.  But, I know that I don’t have to wait for today…it’s here and it’s a good day already.  Sunny and 80 degrees is the forecast.  I’ve got great kids for lessons today, and plenty to do moment by moment.


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