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hello February 10, 2008

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Today is Sunday.  I made some really good french toast this morning.  Teddy and I went for a walk in the woods for about 45 minutes.  We had just dropped of Zach at the library.  He’s been there since 10am.  When Teddy and I got home, we were very tired, so I took a little nap.  I haven’t been taking naps recently, so I must have been tired.  I am still not running…just waiting right now.

Zach accepted the position at Mary Washington…..I am glad about that.  I think it is a good move for both of us.  Now we just have to figure out when we will be moving.  Our lease is up at the end of July, so we may be here until then, or we may not.  It also depends on Zach finishing and defending his dissertation.  That is a huge task in front of him that is making for stressful times.  He is at the library or someplace at UF more often than not, and he is really tired most of the time.  I guess this is how it will be for a while, but I hope that he can finish in enough time to relax a little before he has to start back up again.  He has also informed me that he will be helping us move this time, which if you remember, is a new thing.  When we moved into Pinewood, he was writing something that was due and couldn’t help move very much.

I am going to the Academy Honor’s Recital in about 20 minutes…I have one student playing a Bach Prelude.  Many of my students are doing Festival this weekend…they play 2 pieces for critique.  Most played yesterday, but 3 are playing today.  I’m anxious to see their results.

Then tonight, salad for dinner, Pride and Prejudice, and laundry?  I don’t know.  I had in mind to wash the car today or at least vacuum all the dog hair out.  We’ll see if I have any spunk left at that point!


6 Responses to “hello”

  1. melinda Says:

    So when I visit my parents this summer can I come see you? Wow! Now I’ll have a lot more incentive to go to VA instead of expecting my parents to always come to see me. I hope MW sweetened the deal for you all. No more news yet for Justin. He’s applying to Madison, WI and Coatesville, PA too. I hope your students did really well and that you enjoyed your nap. Love ya!

  2. stacybee Says:

    Of course you can come visit, and it will be expected!! Keep me posted about Justin. We’ll pray that he finds the best position for himself, you and the family.

  3. Gma Says:

    Great News! I’ve been watching the snows and bad weather in Michigan and hoping you didn’t go there. Virginia…NICE!

  4. stacybee Says:

    Very nice indeed!!

  5. Momma Rose Says:

    Wonderful news, now what are you planning on doing when you move? We want to help you move too!

  6. stacybee Says:

    I have a few ideas about what to do….

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