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new times February 25, 2008

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I think I’ve told the ‘news’ to all the people who read this blog, so I guess it’s ok for me to write about it now.  Yes, the news is that I’m pregnant:-)  I am probably going to write about it here some, and I’m also keeping a personal journal for my own eyes.  I’ve been watching the Today Show this morning…it’s amazing how much this stuff is targeted toward stay-at-home moms.  This morning they talked about panic attacks and what to eat when you’re pregnant.  Both things that targeted me.  But I work.  Just not during the Today Show.
Speaking of panic, I had a few really anxious feelings when I first found out about my passenger, but for the most part, I am surprised at how normal this feels.  I’m sure that will change as I grow, but for now, this is good.  I am still a bit iffy about running, becauseI don’t want to get my heart rate up too much.  I actually went for a 12 minute run with Teddy this morning, which was the first time I ran in over a month.  I felt good!  I may keep doing that.  But, I’m still worried about what I should/shouldn’t do.  It’s like there is this ‘perfect’ time amount, exertion level, and type of exercise a pregnant person is supposed to do.  They say you should exercise, but don’t get your body temp too high, don’t exert yourself too much, don’t lay in certain positions, etc.  So I don’t know.  I’ll definitely keep walking Teddy.  And I don’t want to be paranoid.

I’m still battling post-nasal drip and sore throat, especially at night.  I read that some people have this for the whole pregnancy.  That would be terrible.  Hopefully this will pass very soon.

Zach is at the library or teaching almost all the time.  It is very difficult for him to organize a different schedule every day/night.  But he is still funny and happy.  Last night we watched some MP’s Flying Circus, and there was a sketch about Spiny Norman.  So this morning, he was talking about naming our child Spiny Norman.  Maybe Spiny…but not Norman:-)


3 Responses to “new times”

  1. Gma Says:

    Hey Stacy…I’m so glad you told everybody the news because I was having trouble keeping it…
    It’s so exciting for us…I’ll bet everybody will make a special effort to get to the Christmas cabin to meet the new member of our family…

  2. Momma Rose Says:

    Good Morning Mamma Stacy!

  3. Megan Says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I’m at work catching up on all your blogs! I love reading all of them! I think you’re great and I love you and can’t WAIT for you and Zach to move closer so I can come visit you and we can go shopping and get coffee and maybe even run 12 minutes together (because that’s probably all I can last at this point) and hang out too. Anyways, YAY I’m very excited. Hopefully talk to you soon
    Megan : )

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