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update March 31, 2008

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Hello everyone.  I just got home yesterday from a weekend of fun with my girlfriends from college.  We meet every year for a little reunion.  This year we met at a lake house off of lake Lanier.  There were 6 of us…me, Annie, Melanie, Edith, Cynthia, and Leigh.  All of them have babies except Cynthia, who is not married yet.  No babies came, though, except Cynthia’s dog, Molly.

I haven’t posted for a while…not because I’ve been sick, but because I’ve been so busy.  It seems that weekdays fly by with the daily routine of things, and then I’ve had something to do or somewhere to be every weekend this month.  Maybe I’ve been too busy to think about being sick very much.  I think if I were going to get nauseated or morning sickness, I would have already had it.  I’ve had some food aversions, like mushrooms and fish, but other than that, I’ve felt pretty a-o-k.  My pants are fitting a little tighter, although my friends said I didn’t look pregnant yet.  I’m in my 11th week.  Friday, I go in for my first real check-up and ultrasound.  Hopefully Zach will be able to cancel class so he can come hear the heartbeat with me.

I bought baby’s first clothing item this weekend for 2.99.  It is a red fleece sleeper with penguins on it.  It should work for winter.  That was actually kind of a big thing for me to buy.  I can’t believe I actually bought something – it makes it more real…there will be a person in there someday.  I haven’t gotten that emotional, either.  I guess I should count myself lucky.

When I came home yesterday, Zach had vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, and had done laundry.  Wow.  I am a lucky person.  I thought I’d have to do all that when I got home.  So, perhaps on Friday, I’ll have a little picture to show for all that work I’m doing!