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better April 12, 2008

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I have been feeling much better.  My sickness lasted about 1 week.  I’ve heard that when left untreated, colds will run their course in 10-14 days.  I expected longer, since everything takes longer when you’re pregnant (apparently).  But this one was short-ish.  So I’m better.  Enough of that.

Spring break was this past week for me.  I feel that I wasted a lot of it…I didn’t do anything spring break-y, like party or go to the beach.  In fact, it was rather like a normal week with no teaching.  And I missed teaching.  So I was bored and wondered if it would be like this when Zach starts at UMW.  I don’t have a job lined up, and really, who is going to hire a 6 month pregnant lady anyway?  I don’t want to start a studio yet because I’d have to stop teaching when the baby is born, and I’d really like to improve my own playing before I continue teaching again.  I’d like to either take lessons again or get into a Master’s program.  Of course, both of those cost money, which I will need a job for.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  I suppose I could stay at home and take care of things, but I’d really have to have a plan for how I’m going to structure the day.

Teddy is starting to get possessive of food and a new toy again.  He is growling and hovering over his food.  Won’t eat it.  This is not a good situation for him or us.  We’ve found limited success with hand feeding him several pieces at once, but once he has more than a handful in a bowl in front of him, he gets defensive if anyone gets near.  So basically, he’s only had several handfuls of food in the past 3 days.  Suggestions welcome there, too.

Today has been great!  I got to spend the day with my love, Zach.  We spend most of the week apart because he is always at school teaching or writing.  So, today, we walked Teddy, hand fed him, brushed him, gave him a bath, washed the outside AND inside of the car, and gave zach a haircut.  All before noon.  We took a lunch/nap break.  Then we went out and bought Zach a new pair of glasses…his previous pair was going on 6 years.  I think he looks so handsome in his new ones.  I’ll take a picture soon.  Of him and me…how about that?  Then on the way home, we stopped at TCBY.  Big yum.  Tonight, we will have salmon and asparagus.  That’s it.


2 Responses to “better”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    I am so glad you are feeling better, we have been praying for you. Teddy’s behavior is worrysome indeed. I used the site Aggressive Dog . com I think it is, when faced with Sassy’s bad behavior. Hope that helps. Maybe you could volunteer somewhere during your last three months. Your new church, a library, or a school as a reader. Go to local piano concerts and recitals to meet the music community. Receive visitors that want to help decorate the nurshery. Read lots of good books. Take a mummy to be excercise class.
    You could meet new people that way!

  2. Stacy Says:

    Thanks for the ideas. Those do sound like good things to do. I’m going to look up the music stuff now…

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