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mornings! April 23, 2008

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I really have enjoyed the past few mornings.  This week is picture perfect as far as weather goes.  Highs in the low 80s, lows in the high 50s.  I’ve been walking Zach to the bus stop at about 8am.  It’s about a half mile, then Teddy and I continue on for another 30-40 minutes on a walk around the cemetery and another neighborhood.  The jasmine is in full bloom…if you’ve not smelled flowering jasmine, you are really missing out.  Sights and smells of dewy grass, the birds talking to each other and picking on squirrels.  It reminds me some of cross country meet mornings, when the air is cool and the wet grassy smell is everywhere.  However, I don’t necessarily miss the smell of BenGay or IcyHot that comes with track or XC meets.

I picked up Zach from school yesterday evening after finishing teaching, and we went home and ate stir fry.  He fixed it for me.  Then, he went back to school and worked in the library until 1:30am.  Our air conditioner is not working, so I just opened the window last night.  I better call and get someone to look at it…today will be rather warm.  Today is looking up!


2 Responses to “mornings!”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Thanks for rubbing it in…it’s a whooping 45 degree high today and it snowed on our walk this morning! Oh well, that’s Montana for you. I hope to talk to you again soon. And keep your eyes out for something coming in the mail 🙂

  2. Gma Says:

    I remember the jasmine at our campground. It smelled so sweet especially at night. In fact it was called night blooming jasmine…

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