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last week May 9, 2008

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Hi everyone, Right now I’m watching LOST. I didn’t think it was on tonight, but I guess it is. This is a weird show, and Zach has already lost interest. But I think it;s fun to watch.

This past week, I have been finishing preparing my students for Guild, and today, they did it. I’m super down to the bone tired. Zach and I went out to eat with a gift card I got from a student last Christmas. I got some steak, Zach got Grouper. We had a nice conversation and it was nice to reconnect. We have been busy, each doing our own things.

Tomorrow I go for my 16 week appointment. I don’t know exactly what is supposed to happen at this point. They said something about a quad screen, but I thought that was an optional test. I think it is a test for abnormalities and such. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Melinda had a thing on her blog where people could vote for what they think the sex of the baby will be…I want to put one of those on mine, too. Melinda, if you’re reading this, how did you put that on your blog? We will find out at our next appointment in 4 weeks or so.

This next week, Zach and I will be in VA looking for houses. Please pray that we’ll find something. We may not find a house to buy, which means rental is in the picture. Either way, I know we will find something. I’ll be less anxious once we get there and get started looking.

I meant to post some pictures, but I’m on Zach’s tiny EEE computer, and I can’t figure out how to do it right now. So next time….Until then!


2 Responses to “last week”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Blogspot has an options page where I could click on the “add poll” and then fill in the boxes it gave me. I cheated and copied the idea from Carol. I enjoyed the pictures you e-mailed and I’m glad you liked the goodie box. Have you gotten to use any of it yet? I hope it helps you to feel silly, girly, and super cute because you are! Good luck in VA next week…you’ll be in our prayers! Love ya

  2. Peter Says:

    Hello Stacy!

    Househunting. Sounds fun! I’ll certainly be praying for you that you find a nice rambling house that will fit the lifestyle of an English proff and his brood. I’m guessing girl, maybe cause I’m biased due to my own…

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