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Another one May 20, 2008

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Hi again.

If anyone knows how to put a poll on a wordpress blog, please let me know.  I’ve looked on the help pages, and it is confusing to me because it uses language I don’t understand.  I may have to wait until Zach gets home to help me do this.  I want to put up a poll about what you think the baby will be.  (A boy or girl–not weird things like giraffe or centaur or something:-)  We find out in exactly 2 weeks.  June 3rd.

Last night, after thinking a lot about the house in Wilderness, I am leaning away from it.  It is not that big, and I think we’d grow out of it quickly.  Also, it has been suggested to us that a garage is a very nice thing to have, and this doesn’t have one.  So, yes, the yard and property are spectacular and the inside is warm and inviting.  But, we’d have to get a lot of work done before we move our stuff in…the carpets would have to be replaced with something like pergo, and a few more things.

So, another house popped into my head that we’d seen in Wilderness.  It is about 400 square feet larger, has a basement with a wood stove, all tile and wood floors, 4 smallish bedrooms, and a garage.  It would suit our needs a little better.  This was one of the last houses we saw, and I know we were both so tired of driving and looking at houses.  Zach is concerned because he doesn’t remember much about it.  He thinks the basement might have been musty.  That is a concern because we don’t want musty to mean mold.  But a home inspection would clear that confusion, right?  And a dehumidifier would do the rest.  I’d have room to start a piano studio.  The yard is not as pretty.  It would need a lot of work.  But part of the back yard is fenced for Teddy, and I think we could put a garden back there.  And the kitchen is smaller than the other one.  We’ve asked the realtors to go back and take a video of it for us.  Here is a listing of the house.


4 Responses to “Another one”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    Nice house. There are two cat carriers in one of the pictures, maybe that was the Musty smell, Zach remembers.

  2. Momma Rose Says:

    Oh, you are having a baby boy….
    thought you would like to know!

  3. Gma Says:

    It will be a girl..

    That house looks perfect!!

  4. Jill Says:

    I like the house too, b/c maybe you’d have more room for me to come and visit you? 🙂 I don’t know how to do a poll on a wordpress site, sorry. I actually just started a wordpress blog/webpage for our Sunday School class, but haven’t explored all the features. Let me know if you find out! I am thinking you are having a girl! (My boys would like a girl cousin! 🙂

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