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just tell me May 22, 2008

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Zach says that a poll is too complicated on WordPress.  He tried a few things and nothing came out right.  So, how bout if you just tell me what you think we’re having (boy or girl) and I’ll tally it up myself.  I’ve already gotten 2 girls and 1 boy vote.  Voting will close June 2.

Pray for Zach and I as we make our final house decision.  We need it.



7 Responses to “just tell me”

  1. Jill Says:

    I will definitely continue to keep you guys in my prayers for all the decisions you are having to make, especially about a house!

  2. Amy Says:

    I think you will have a girl! You have my prayers and my best wishes for your move, and the life you have inside you!

  3. Melinda Says:

    I need more details before I vote. Do you feel the baby down low or up high? Have you had more salty or sweet cravings? Do you prefer to sleep on your right or left side? That last question doesn’t really have anything to do with my vote…I just wondered because I cannot force myself to sleep on my left side these days! I usually end up on my back even though I’m trying a pillow between my knees curled up on my right. My little boy blue keeps kicking me onto my back where he lets me know exactly what he’s up to in the middle of the night! We’re nowhere closer to having a name yet. We’re still praying and thinking and wondering. We finally realized we hadn’t asked his opinion yet last night so we’re hoping he’ll give us some input soon. I will be praying for your housing decision. I’m sure that God will bless whatever decision you make!

  4. Momma Rose Says:

    Paul votes ….. BOY

  5. Peter Ott Says:


    You must have missed my earlier vote: Girl! Melissa says boy, so we’ll see who is right. Either way, enjoy it. Baby Sarah turns 6 months old today, which is downright crazy. Has it really been that long?

  6. Momma Rose Says:

    A blonde haired , brown eyed GIRL

    Uncle Sam

  7. Uncle David Says:

    Hummm….boy or girl?

    You are a runner. Runners need potassium. Potassium = boy.

    You will have a girl. 🙂

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