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so far May 27, 2008

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I’ve heard from 8 votes…Here is the tally so far:



And, we’ve not heard anything about the house offer we made on Friday.  We should hear something today.  I guess the holiday weekend slowed everyone/thing down.  We are awaiting, but not anxiously.  I think we will be happy with wherever we live.  I know things will work out.

I’ve been trying to manage my anxiety and stress levels.  There are so many things that I have to hold in my brain these days: Zach finishing, graduating, figuring out how to get back here for graduation, where we will stay, how much it will cost, will we buy a home?, my students schedules, when the recital will be, paperwork/money for that, when will I stop teaching, matching up my students with other teachers, organizing and going to (?) the music conference in June, starting childbirth classes here, finding a dr. or midwife in VA, waiting for the sex of the baby, figuring out how to move, ordering a truck, meeting with people, remembering to have fun and relax.  So, I just listed all those things on my mind.  They aren’t necessarily stressful right now, I just had to unload my thoughts.  I’ve been doing my chi kung exercises to help “harmonize” my body and mind.  I think they are really good for me.  I need to slow down and just be.

I’ve also been reading a good book recommended by Melinda…Childbirth without Fear.  It is written really well…written from the perspective of an OB practicing in the 30s and 40s.  He writes about the benefits of natural childbirth as a foil to the trend of the time, which was basically drugging women into unconsciousness during delivery.  It is helping my perspective.

I’ve also still been running/exercising.  I walk everyday and run about 20 minutes every other day.  It’s harder some days than others, but I know this is good for me.  And, I will start swimming as the weather continues to warm up.  I know that’s a great preggo exercise.

That’s plenty for today…


3 Responses to “so far”

  1. Jill Says:

    you’re it! I tagged you! Go read my blog post titled “tagged myself” and it will explain!

  2. Carol Says:

    Hey Stacy,
    I’m going to guess that you’re having a boy… Melinda sent Childbirth Without Fear to me too and it really helped me think about how fear, tension, and pain are related. In the end, I did go with an epidural but his philosphy was tremendously helpful for remaining calm in the early stages of labor. I’m excited to hear how your ultrasound goes!
    ~ Carol

  3. Melinda Says:

    I’m guessing boy. Justin guesses girl. When I asked Madeleine, she pointed at a picture of a sheep but I think that meant girl (she was looking at a picture of a sheep and a goat and since the goat has a beard I decided it was a boy and the sheep was a girl). I’m glad you’re gleaning some stuff from the book. I’m hoping to start reading it for the second time soon. Can’t wait to hear the latest news 🙂 And thanks for the pictures you sent!!!

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