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diapers and flowers June 29, 2008

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This is me after my students’ final recital this past monday. I am still teaching a limited schedule for the next 2 weeks, but I’ve already said goodbye to almost half of them. I got these roses from Felyschia. I also got some flowers from handsome Zach a week ago, and they are colorful wildflowers. I didn’t take a picture of them before they wilted…I love Zach.

Further down, you’ll see 2 pictures of me today, at around 24 weeks. I am starting to feel my girth. It is sometimes hard to breathe in certain positions I sit in. Notice how I can look more pregnant depending on what angle the picture is taken from. Interesting.

Zach and I are planning to diaper Miss Little Girl in cloth diapers. There are so many new technologies with fabric and different ways you can cloth diaper. But the system that seems the easiest to me is to get fitted diapers (elastic around legs and snap/velcro waist) with diaper covers (what used to be called plastic pants) We will also have a few all-in-ones…they are just like disposables but you don’t dispose. So back to the covers…many people use wool diaper covers at night because they are antibacterial/fungal, stay dry, and can go for several weeks without washing – really. With all those wondrous qualities, they are also wondrously expensive to buy because most are handknit. I have been looking for wool diaper cover/soaker patterns online to crochet because I don’t know how to knit. Also, you can make them from soft wool sweaters. But you only need 2-3 at the most. So, I think we’ll be able to scrounge some up before she comes. I’m still not decided on what diaper brand to use…I’ve registered for lots of kinds at and some at, but I don’t really know what will end up being the best. The main challenge with cloth is to find a trim fitting diaper that isn’t too bulky.


My birthday pictures June 12, 2008

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I feel that after yesterday’s depressing post, I should show you some birthday pictures from last week…here they are.  Like I said, the cake Zach made for me was completely homemade…chocolate cake and icing with vanilla icecream on the bottom.  This probably didn’t help with my weight gain.  Oh well, I have gotten a lot of good advice about this and virtual hugs (and real ones from Teddy and Zach).  Mainly, who cares about a little weight gain…it means the baby is growing, too.  And that’s good.  Even though it sounds bad, it is hard to think of baby girl sometimes when I can’t see her yet.  I am still thinking selfishly about myself and what I look like/feel like.  I look forward to the opportunity to learn more selflessness when she arrives:-)

Today is Zach’s dissertation defense.  He has not been worried or anxious at all until this morning.  He said it was because all eyes will be on him…he doesn’t like attention.  It makes him nervous.  I know he will be great.  His committee knows him and likes him, Zach knows his project really well, and can defend himself and his project against any question they give him.  Plus, he will have oatmeal-raisin-coconut cookies to share with everyone.  Ok!


things June 11, 2008

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I had a wonderful birthday.  I told Zach the only thing I wanted was for him to make me a birthday cake.  So he did.  It ended up being am icecream cake…chocolate cake and icecream with a homemade vanilla icecream base.  So scrumptious.  I have a picture, but no time to post it right now.

Went to a prenatal visit today…I got there right on time, but I guess things were running behind.  So I ended up waiting a long time, and I got sleepy.  Then, the midwife came in to talk for a while and she said she noticed my weight jumped up…she is right, it did, and I was not happy about it.  The scales showed 8 more pounds from 5 weeks ago.  And my blood sugar was high.  I had to tell her I had Cap’n Crunch for breakfast, and she didn’t seemed concerned after that.  But, the weight thing made me upset.  I’ve been running.  And I keep thinking to myself, I don’t look THAT much different than before.  But somehow, my pants keep getting tighter.  I know I’m not supposed to be that concerned about weight, but I have been my whole life.  And then for someone to point out to me that my weight jumped up, that made me sad.  No one has ever had to tell me to exercise more.  I haven’t been able to run (or walk easily) because my knee hurts.  And if I want to swim, I have to get out there really early before all the kiddos come out to play.  It just makes it harder.  I also lied when I told them I was taking my prenatal vitamins.  I’m not.  Then on my way out, I realized that I would have to pay something I thought my insurance would cover.  So I burst into tears on my way out and cried in the bathroom before driving home…then I cried all the way home and then when I called Zach, too.

Then I had to arrange for apartment living today before I leave for work…which I’m about ready to do.  Had to fill out forms, pay money, and fax.  But, I think we found a suitable place, at least for the short amount of time we are going to live there…6 months.  Hopefully we’ll find a house soon.  We will be living in a smaller apartment than we’re in now, so we’ll have to sell some things, throw out some things, etc.  I’m looking forward to/not looking forward to doing that.

That’s it for now…there’s so much more to tell…I’m sorry I haven’t returned people’s phone calls when they’ve called (Jill, Megan, Melinda)  It’s just been too much for me lately.  I’ll pull it together soon, I know it!


The House Situation June 5, 2008

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The house we’ve been interested in is having to go through with the short sale process with the amount we offered on it.  We told ourselves not to be emotionally attached to any house, but I think we were growing to like the idea of ample space, a garage, a place to call our own, and a garden.  The short sale process is uncertain, but if it works, we could potentially get the house for even less $ and still have a house.

Cons: it will take at least 2 months to close (end of August).  Zach starts work mid-August.  We would have to find a place to rent month to month (starting mid-July) and move in half-way or put our stuff in storage for a while.  Then we’d move again if the sale was approved.  And I don’t know how I’ll be with pregnancy and a move at that time.

Pros:  we’d have a house when the market is good.  We could get help moving.  Could we put up with more uncertainty and inconvenience for the chance to have a house?

The other option is to go ahead and look for rental for at least a 6 month term.  That is hard mentally when we’ve been thinking our own house for a while.  I guess when you’re renting, you don’t have to be as picky because you’re not living there forever.  But then again, you are living there, and you want to like it and be comfortable.  So, wouldn’t it be great if we found the perfect house to rent, a block or two away from UMW, low rent, close enough to walk, activities around town, near to the hospital?  If that didn’t work, then an apartment that is close by?  In my searches, the apartments were all across major roads, so it would be very difficult to traverse by bike or foot, even if only 1 mile away.  It is tough to tell, though, because we didn’t look at these things when we were up there.

My parents are going to help Megan with wedding stuff this weekend/next week.  They offered to check out some places for us on their way up to MD.  I’ve seen a few houses downtown Fred., but they are so expensive.  I wonder if the landlord would accept less if they knew our “plight.”

Of course, I know deep down somewhere that the Lord will take care of us.  He always has, but it seems like a lot of effort on our parts to make it work.  Lots of decisions to be made.  So, if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts or tips, I’d appreciate it.  How would you feel moving at 7-8 months pregnant?  Is is doable?

I’ve been craving cereal a lot.  I have 2-3 bowls a day.  Better go start on # 2.


Here she is June 4, 2008

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We both think the “4-D” (you know the 4th dimension is awesomeness, right?:-) ones are a little on the weird side, but kind of cool.  The first one, you can see her profile, and she kind of has my profile, I think.  The 2nd picture, she kind of looks like Zach, maybe.  She obviously doesn’t want to take a picture.  The tech said she was really squirmy.  I’ve been feeling her move more in the evenings and late afternoons when I teach.  Well, that was fun!


It’s A… June 3, 2008

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Scott broke the tie last night by voting girl.  And he was right.  Pictures to come when I get on the correct computer.  We are both happy, of course, and would have been if it was a boy, too.  Now what do we do?


Happy Birthday Week

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This week is happy birthday week to several special people:  June 2 (today) is Rose’s birthday (and twin brother, Butch’s, too).  June 4th is Dad’s birthday.  And June 7th is my birthday.  Melanie’s birthday is next week.  Wow.

Here is the final count for boy/girl predictions before we find out tomorrow:

Boy: 7

Girl: 7

Come on, now.  That is no fun.  We need a tie-breaker.  Andrew?  And Zach and I don’t count.

Also, we’ll find out something about our house offer tomorrow.  (does that sound familiar?)

One more thing.  Due to some miscommunication, it looks as though Zach will be defending on June 12 at 2pm instead of June 6th at 10am.  I think this is best for all.  Zach is having a hard time knowing what to do with himself.  We actually sat on the couch and ate popcorn together for more than 15 minutes.  It was fun!