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Happy Birthday Week June 3, 2008

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This week is happy birthday week to several special people:  June 2 (today) is Rose’s birthday (and twin brother, Butch’s, too).  June 4th is Dad’s birthday.  And June 7th is my birthday.  Melanie’s birthday is next week.  Wow.

Here is the final count for boy/girl predictions before we find out tomorrow:

Boy: 7

Girl: 7

Come on, now.  That is no fun.  We need a tie-breaker.  Andrew?  And Zach and I don’t count.

Also, we’ll find out something about our house offer tomorrow.  (does that sound familiar?)

One more thing.  Due to some miscommunication, it looks as though Zach will be defending on June 12 at 2pm instead of June 6th at 10am.  I think this is best for all.  Zach is having a hard time knowing what to do with himself.  We actually sat on the couch and ate popcorn together for more than 15 minutes.  It was fun!


One Response to “Happy Birthday Week”

  1. Jill Says:

    I am so excited to find out if I am going to be an aunt to a neice or a nephew! Call me when you are making all your calls to let everyone know! I am excited for you guys!!!! Oh, and Scott said he’ll help with the tie-breaker . . . he says you are having a girl! 🙂

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