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My birthday pictures June 12, 2008

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I feel that after yesterday’s depressing post, I should show you some birthday pictures from last week…here they are.  Like I said, the cake Zach made for me was completely homemade…chocolate cake and icing with vanilla icecream on the bottom.  This probably didn’t help with my weight gain.  Oh well, I have gotten a lot of good advice about this and virtual hugs (and real ones from Teddy and Zach).  Mainly, who cares about a little weight gain…it means the baby is growing, too.  And that’s good.  Even though it sounds bad, it is hard to think of baby girl sometimes when I can’t see her yet.  I am still thinking selfishly about myself and what I look like/feel like.  I look forward to the opportunity to learn more selflessness when she arrives:-)

Today is Zach’s dissertation defense.  He has not been worried or anxious at all until this morning.  He said it was because all eyes will be on him…he doesn’t like attention.  It makes him nervous.  I know he will be great.  His committee knows him and likes him, Zach knows his project really well, and can defend himself and his project against any question they give him.  Plus, he will have oatmeal-raisin-coconut cookies to share with everyone.  Ok!


8 Responses to “My birthday pictures”

  1. Melinda Says:

    I love the pictures Stacy! They remind me though that you are a shorty, like me (but I think I still have an inch or two on you)! And being shorter and pregnant, we have the tendency to get the sloping torso…where the boobs and belly become a growing slide. I envy those taller women or at least women with longer torsos who have some definition between belly and bust. We, on the other hand, become one beautiful round ball. Justin “accidentially” called me a butterball the other day. I am choosing to find that endearing because I realize it is kind of true! One day the definition will come back when we’re not incubating little ones 🙂

  2. stacybee Says:

    Yes, I am becoming a roundy…but we are cute, I think! I forgot to add that part of my birthday present from Zach is the defended dissertation. So, today I will get another birthday present…yay!

  3. Momma Rose Says:

    Baby girl is looking good! Hey, is there a Dr. in the house?

  4. stacybee Says:

    Yay! We have a Dr. Whalen in the house!

  5. Melinda Says:

    Congratulations Zach!!! Now go take a nap.

  6. Megan Says:

    Stacy acy acy….I love you so much and miss you! I can’t wait for you to move up here and us to go shopping at Target together and hang out. I’m praying for you guys and I’m excited for everything going on in your lives! God is reminding us both a little that we have not depended on Him enough and that he is in control of both of our lives. Love you!

  7. Jill Says:

    Stacy, I like your preggo pics – you are cute! And definitely don’t worry about the weight gain! I am jealous about the cake Zach made you . . . I really want a piece right now! I wish I could hang out with you and Megan at Target! You have to not forget about me in SC – we have to let our children visit often, so they can be close cousins! Love you!

  8. Edith Says:

    HI Stacy….I am sorry that i have not been in contact with you….and happy late birthday! I love all of the pictures…you are a beautiful mama to be! So when will you guys be moving?? I am off for the summer so if you need anything let me know…and I would love to come and help unload boxes or whatever else you need when you get here! congrats to zach..i mean Dr. Whalen! That is so exciting..

    ps….can I hang out at Target with you and Megan sometime??

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