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New Everything July 29, 2008

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In the last post, we were diligently packing.  Since then, we have packed, unpacked, and then some.  It hasn’t yet sunk in what we have just done: Moved our lives to Fredericksbirg, VA.  We are trying to fit a lot into a little space, and we ended up with several “box monsters” covered by large blankets in different corners of closets and rooms.  We are leaving lots in their boxes because we plan to move again in January.  We have decided not to hang any pictures.  But, things look pretty good!  I am happy with things now.  Except that I can’t find my gray backpack containing my iPod and camera and coupons and gift certificates.

Can you believe that I have officially entered the third trimester of my pregnancy?  That’s right.  28 weeks.  If I had a camera, I’d show you.  I am feeling bigger almost every day.  Baby is moving and kicking.  The only thing is that I failed my first gestational diabetes test by 2 points.  I need to go in and do the 3 hour glucose test now.  That is on my long mental list of things that must be done.  On that list is also: finding a midwife/OB/doula, finding a vet/boarding facility for Teddy when we go back to FL for Zach’s graduation next week, learning music for Megan’s wedding, getting license and registration switched over to VA.  I think there’s more.  That’s what I’ve got now.

If you want more of the lowdown on our moving trip, you can go to my mom-in-law’s blog.  She did a good job of summarizing the events of the week.  Her site is right here.


packing progress July 14, 2008

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We are starting to pack in earnest this week.  Going through little items is the hardest part.  For example, do we really need that little cord adaptor, that CD, that card, etc.  Trying to declutter while packing is worthwhile but energy consuming.

That’s Zach sitting on the futon eating a bowl of fruit salad.  He just got back from a 35 mile bike ride on the Gainesville-Hawthorne trail, which is something he wanted to do before leaving Gainesville.

Last night we went to Zach’s advisor’s home for a yummy vegetarian meal.  We had pumpkin lasagna, spring salad, and lemon meringue pie with home-grown lemons.  They have an adorable 5 year old daughter who was very interested in feeling my belly and asking about the baby.  She wanted to know if the baby liked to drink water and why, among other questions.

So, I’ll leave you with pictures of me at about 26 weeks…