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thanks! August 27, 2008

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Everyone has been so helpful with their ideas and comments and encouragement.  I realize we are not alone, even when we post something on a blog.  I am so looking forward to meeting my daughter, though.  I know she’s not done baking yet, but we will be so glad when she arrives.  We are having fun now just watching her move and feeling all the kicks and flutters that seem to be getting stronger this past week.  I wonder when she’ll settle down and get into a good position?  I’m about 32 weeks now, so I’m guessing by 35-36 weeks?  who knows.  She might come early.  Or late.  I am also looking forward to her arrival because (hopefully) I’ll not have to watch what I eat so much.  Since the dr. told me I have gest. diabetes, I’ve had to watch how much sugar and carbs I eat, and what time of the day I’m eating them.  For example, it is harder to process sugars in the morning, so that means not as much cereal and bready things in the morning… Apparently, cereal is a hidden culprit for raising blood sugar levels.  And, I LOVE cereal.  I have to wait until later or have it as a bedtime snack.  I’ve been exercising…I went swimming this morning, and I think I overdid it.  I done wore myself out completely.

Zach has been enjoying his new job so far.  He told me last night, “Being a professor is hard.”  I can tell.  He has been wiped out, but I think part of it is that he has been up early morning and late night preparing for this first week of classes.  And he’s been wearing nice pants, shirts, and ties, which is always tiring.  I think soon, he’ll settle in and get a little more relaxed (therefore less tired) in the next few weeks.  I think his students like him.

Teddy has been good ol’ Teddy.  Sleeping a lot, but every now and then, he’ll get in a playful mood and start bouncing on a toy.  We can’t find his nylabone, which he LURVS so much, and his breath is starting to stink.  That nylabone is his toothbrush.  Maybe we’ll go to Petsmart today and find him a new bone.  Yesterday he was so nice to me when I came home crying from the grocery store.  A guy yelled at me from another car, claiming I cut him off, but really, I had the right of way.  In any case, I didn’t like being yelled at and started crying when I got home.  Teddy came over and nuzzled me for a good 10 minutes…he usually doesn’t do that.  But, I could just be anthropomorphizing a little too much.  Ha Ha.  He made me feel better.

Talk to you later.


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  1. Melissa Says:

    Aww! Aren’t dogs great?! When I was having horrible morning sickness, Tirzah would always follow me into the bathroom and lay down right beside me until I was done and able to peel myself off the bathroom floor. And she always seems to know when I’m upset or not feeling well. She’ll follow me all over and then stick her head in my lap. 🙂 I love dogs!

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