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change we can believe in September 29, 2008

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Alright little girl…you still haven’t changed yet.  But, we keep trying to help you.  Many people are praying for you to make the right decision.  Your dad is talking to you, your mom is doing all she can…chiropracting, acupressure points, sitting weird, laying weird, pushing you, prodding you, and I’m sure your favorite, having a bag of ice on your head.  Last night, I discovered your foot in my pelvis and you jerked away pretty quickly when I put the ice there.  But your head doesn’t budge with ice on it.  Does that mean you actually like a cool head, or that you can’t move it?  I’m trying to figure you out.  However, I’m sure I’ll be doing that your whole life:-)


update September 25, 2008

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I went in for my weekly appt. today.  She did a strep B culture ( I won’t know the results til next week), and if that comes out positive, it means I have to have antibiotics during labor.  I think there’s a 50 percent chance either way.  She said I’m 1 cm dilated, which is normal at this stage in pregnancy.

The other thing we talked about with the Dr. was something called external version, which is a way to manipulate the baby from the outside in order to turn it.  You have to be hooked up to monitors and near enough to the operating room in case something goes wrong.  In my case, the dr. did not recommend it because my placenta is in the front.  Which means, when they twist and turn my belly (hard and painful, from what I hear), they could bruise or rupture my placenta.  So, that’s not really in the picture.

There are other ways to try to get the baby to turn, including propping an ironing board up on the couch and laying feet up in the air to try to sink the baby up into my lungs area.  Then, when I stand up again, she’ll have to turn over in the right position.  They recommend doing this for 10 minutes several times a day.  Also, I can play music through earphones where I want her head to go.  There are a few other things that I’m going to do as well.

So all that time we thought we were patting her little bum when in fact it was her head.  If I had someone stroking my head all the time, I’d want to stay there, too!  We’ll have to stop doing that.  Another thing is that I think the baby can sense tension and whether I’m ready for her to come out.  She is conscious in the womb, and I know she can feel whether we’re ready for her or not.  I think I need to talk to her more, remind her that we really do want her and that it’s ok to turn over and meet us.

Sorry for the despondent post yesterday, but when you make plans and expectations and then all of a sudden you have to change them, it is almost like the death of an idea.  In our case, the idea was a well controlled normal delivery.  Is God trying to teach me something here?  I’m sure…me being the control freak I am.  Let go, Stacy, let go baby.


well… September 24, 2008

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We just got back from the ultrasound, and the tech said, “Uh-oh, we have a problem…this baby’s breech.  You’re going to have to have a c-section.”  Just like that.  Of course, I know that’s not the only option, but the way she said it was very disappointing to us.  According to the measurements, I am now 35 weeks and 6 days, which is exactly what I had calculated.  According to other due date calculators, I am a 36 weeks and 6 days.  Either way, I just wonder what to do next.  They also said the baby was 5 pounds 9 ounces, which seems pretty big to me at this point.  I know that’s not always accurate, either.

I’ve not had very good luck with this pregnancy over the last half.  I supposed I’m making up for having a great 1st half.  So now, I’ve got gestational diabetes, an anterior placenta, and a breech baby.  All things that are abnormal.  The placenta thing could mean they have a problem doing a c-section because they don’t want to cut into the placenta, which is at the front of my body.

Would you please just pray that little baby would turn head-down soon?  I know there are methods to do this…but, it’s hard not to feel hopeless and sad about it.  It’s just not what we had planned.  I am really scared of having surgery, plus, I know the benefits of having a natural childbirth are so great.


updated pictures

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Hi everyone, here are a few pictures I took of myself and Teddy.  We’re hangin out together tonight while Zach is at work grading blogs and projects.  I am about 36-37 weeks along now.  But, tomorrow, I go in for a “growth and dates” ultrasound, during which they’ll tell me how far along they think I really am.  Anyway.  Baby will come when she’s ready.  Oh, that’s another thing…they’ll get to double check whether it’s really a girl in there.  I made a flourless chocolate cake tonight.  It is so good.  Zach is definitely missing out.  There might be some left for him when he gets home.

I forgot to mention that Zach and I went to watch some field hockey tonight at Mary Wash.  We got there with 20 minutes left in the game (against Catholic) and no score.  They went into overtime and Mary Wash scored with 1 minute left.  Megan, I thought you might be interested:-)


has anyone seen… September 18, 2008

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our bag of batteries?  I know we have a huge bag of AA, D, and other size batteries SOMEwhere in this tiny apartment.  But where?  I wanted to take some pictures yesterday, but couldn’t because of lack of batteries.  So a belly update will not be available until either batteries are found or new batteries are boughten.

Went to the midwife today…she said everything looked good.  Mainly, she just talked about the diabetes thing and wanted to refer me to an endocrinologist and peri-neonatologist.  Those people would tell me that I’m doing everything right, I’m sure:-).  But once she discovered it would take 3 weeks to get me in for an appt. with those types, she said she would just order another sonogram.  That would be to check for the growth of the baby, and make sure she’s not getting too big.  I don’t think she is…at least that’s my pre-mother’s intuition.  She exercises a lot – I can feel it.  This   But, it will be fun to get such a late-stage sonogram.  I’ll be due in 4-5 weeks.  We went over our birth plan, and she said all looks good…even the part about Zach “catching” the baby if he chooses.

I’m thinking of all this stuff that I want to do before she gets here.  Mainly, I’d like to get a haircut and get an eye appointment.  I’m about out of contacts.  And my hair…I just need to find someone to shape it up some.

Anyways, that’s my exciting life for now!


Weekend September 14, 2008

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This post will contain lots of random things:

This morning we visited the Presbyterian church in downtown Fredericksburg.  It is celebrating it’s 200th year…lots of old historical buildings downtown.  I found it easy to worship with more of a planned order of service than what I’m used to at more contemporary churches.  There are many congregational responses, hymns, etc.  And there was a choir.  Oh, and today it will be 98 degrees outside with a “feels like” temp of 105 or something ridiculous like that.

Teddy ate a salmon skin a few nights ago without us seeing it…it probably tasted very good.

Yesterday, we tried to take him on a walk, but it was too hot, so we came back early.  Gave him a bath in our bathtub, followed by a haircut in the bathroom for Zach, followed by a bathroom cleaning, considering there was dog/Zach hair everywhere.  I am really looking forward to living somewhere with a hose to wash Teddy and a plug outside to cut Zach’s hair!

Zach is out shoe-shopping by himself right now.  He wants a pair that is comfortable to stand and walk in, breathable, and looks good casual or dress-up.  That’s a pretty big order to fill, and I’m kind of glad he doesn’t want my help!

Yesterday, we ordered chinese take-out for lunch.  It was way too much food!  We could have done with one order of something and split it.  We also met with our doula, Sarah, for probably the last time before I give birth.  She does 2 prenatal visits, typically.  We went over my anxieties about the hospital and our birth preferences.  She said they looked pretty good, so I’m going to share them with my midwife on Thursday and ask her to “approve” them and sign off on it.  After Thursday, I’ll go every week to make sure things are still good.

The news to report with regards to the pregnancy is that I am feeling the baby move a lot, and my belly itches like crazy.  Can’t wait to meet that foot that keeps jabbing my ribs.  Also, I was somewhat frustrated yesterday at my high blood sugar readings.  For breakfast, I had oatmeal with splenda and a 1/2 banana.  Sounds reasonable, right?  Well it shot my reading up to 152, which is the highest I believe I’ve recorded.  Then, after Chinese food, it was 150.  I don’t know exactly what caused such high readings, but my hypothesis is either a)the banana, or b) the quantity of food I had at both breakfast and lunch.  I should eat smaller portions.

Here is the “nursery” area we set up for baby.  She will actually sleep in a mini co-sleeper next to our bed.  But for storing her things and rocking her, we have arranged this:

On to the house hunting front.  We were looking at a short sale in south Stafford county that would have worked pretty well for us.  It is a little small, and we might have grown out of it quickly, but the price was right.  Until….we heard the tenants were making an offer on it as well as 2 other offers.  That would make the price go up.  Plus, at the end of the process, you aren’t guaranteed the house, especially if there are 4 or more offers on the house.  So we decided to leave that one be.

The other house we are looking at is in the Ferry Farm subdivision, also in south Stafford.  We’ve heard good things about this neighborhood and better things about FF Elem. school.  Our realtor and several others have said something to the effect of, “we’d really like to move here.”  The house we’re looking at is a foreclosure, built in 1951, has the right number of rooms…enough to have a music room.  The kitchen was redone, new carpet, new paint, new windows, new roof.  When we went back, we were checking to see if Zach would have an allergic/asthmatic attack, since he did the first time we saw the house.  Fortunately, he didn’t have any problems.  We would want to get a new heating system, since it is still run on oil.  The HVAC guy who came out to make an estimate said it would be about 3600 to change the system to gas.  We’d also want to ask if he could expand the venting system to include the side room that looks like it used to be a porch/sunroom.  Anyway.  The problem with this house is that it costs more money.  We could potentially offer a lot less than what they’re asking and see what happens.  But, if I have a dedicated music room and a good neighborhood to work with, I might better be able to help with our income so that our payments aren’t too high.  Of course, I don’t know what it will be like with the baby.  We both really like this house.  It has character.  Please pray that we can make a good decision on whether we should make an offer on the house.  And, pray that we wouldn’t be house-poor if we got it!  Here are some pics of it:

Here’s the front:

And, we have received many beautiful gifts for our baby, including clothes, a baby chair, sheets, blankets, dishes, and some money for diapers.  I won’t be able to say it enough, but here it is again…thank you for caring about us!


what a day! September 6, 2008

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Can you believe it? We came all the way up to VA and we still can’t escape the tropical weather! We’ve got TS Hanna upon us now, spewing rain and a lovely breeze through the screen door. Had it open for a while, then decided it was getting everything wet.

I went on an energy spree this morning, after not feeling so energetic yesterday. I’ve been wanting to make a low-sugar tiramisu for a while, so I did this morning. I used decaf coffee and splenda. I guess the sugary things are the ladyfingers and little chocolate sprinkles, but other than that, I think it’s pretty reasonable. I realized as I was making it that there were eggs in it and it would not be baked. Even though the risk of food poisoning is small, I’d rather not take the chance with baby, so I just stuck it in the oven for 15 minutes. I know it won’t be authentic, but I didn’t use mascarpone cheese or real coffee or sugar, either, so why not bake it, too?

Then I baked some tortilla chips using the left over burrito shells, and then I made vegetable soup in the crockpot. That should be ready for dinner tonight. I’m excited I finally got to make it because it’s been too hot for soup until today’s blustery weather. There are sweet potatoes and barley in the soup.

Next, Zach and I started creating our baby’s room, which will be in the dining room. We took down the dining room table and replaced it with the dresser that was in the computer room. The dresser, besides holding all the clothes and blankets and baby supplies we’ve been collecting, will be a changing table, too…although, I’ve heard that most babies get changed on the floor or other place! I think I’ll slide the light blue chair over there, too, so we can rock her or feed her over there. Then, I’ll find a room divider, like a chinese trifold thingy, from the goodwill. That will separate the dining room from the tv room. Now to figure out where all the baby’s things will actually go…this will be fun. I like going through it all.

I’ll post a picture when things are a little more in place.