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updated pictures September 24, 2008

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Hi everyone, here are a few pictures I took of myself and Teddy.  We’re hangin out together tonight while Zach is at work grading blogs and projects.  I am about 36-37 weeks along now.  But, tomorrow, I go in for a “growth and dates” ultrasound, during which they’ll tell me how far along they think I really am.  Anyway.  Baby will come when she’s ready.  Oh, that’s another thing…they’ll get to double check whether it’s really a girl in there.  I made a flourless chocolate cake tonight.  It is so good.  Zach is definitely missing out.  There might be some left for him when he gets home.

I forgot to mention that Zach and I went to watch some field hockey tonight at Mary Wash.  We got there with 20 minutes left in the game (against Catholic) and no score.  They went into overtime and Mary Wash scored with 1 minute left.  Megan, I thought you might be interested:-)


One Response to “updated pictures”

  1. Carol Says:

    Stacy you look fantastic! Thanks for posting pictures of your nearly-full-term baby belly 🙂 Please let us know how the ultrasound goes.

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