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hair and appointment and house October 2, 2008

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I got a haircut.  This is right after I came home from the Bubbles Salon that Megan suggested.  The girl blow dried and curled the layers around my face towards my face.  But we all know I’ll never do that and it will end up looking like it does after it air dries.  I like it.

Next, my appointment today.  Good news (I guess) is that I’m Strep B negative.  I’m about 1-2 cm dilated, which is normal.  The doctor said sheepishly, “I don’t know, that feels suspiciously like a head down there.” So he got out the sonogram and confirmed that the head is still up up up.  But, she’s moving around a lot more than last week, due in part to several things.  1)I’ve gone several times to a chiropractor/acupuncturist who has done the Webster technique and stimulated acu-points.  Every time after I’ve gone, I’ve noticed movements from her in ways/places I haven’t felt before, so I believe it’s doing something.  Supposedly, it loosens up areas in my uterus that had been too tight for her to get to.  Average visits before a turn is 4-5.  I’ve gone thrice.  2) I’ve been taking it easy and trying to be less uptight and controlling.  3) We’ve called on the Lord to put her in the right place.  Not only that, but to make sure her cord is properly positioned so she can turn easily. The Lord is giving me peace that she will do exactly what she’s supposed to.

By the way, cottage cheese and raisins are a great snack.  Did I say that in a previous post?

Next topic, house.  Our offer on the Jefferson house has been accepted for 10K less than the asking price and the bank is paying closing costs, too!  We are excited and nervous.  This comes at a very busy time for us.  So, after all the paperwork is faxed back and forth and the contract is actually ratified, we’ll have 2 days to do the loan app, 10 days to do all the appraisals and inspections, and something else.  Oh, we have to get home insurance.  Our closing date is Nov. 19.  The challenge is that our apt. lease goes until Jan 31.  We can leave if we give 2 months notice (move out Dec. 1) PLUS 2 months more rent.  Does anyone see the problem here?  2 months more rent means paying through the end of Jan.  So, I’m going to talk to the property manager today to see if something can be worked out for us.  While the extra time to move would be nice to have, I don’t want to be stuck with paying a rent and a mortgage payment.

Here’s Teddy.  Angelic and Weird, all in the same dog.


2 Responses to “hair and appointment and house”

  1. Melinda Says:

    You sound and look great Stacy (and Teddy looks fabulous too)! I’m so excited for all of the changes ahead and slightly jealous that you’ve already got the house situation under control. But it will be wonderful for all of you. Good luck talking with the property manager; let us know how it goes. Madeleine and I pray for you, Zach, and baby W every night at bedtime…that she’ll do the ol’ flip-a-roo and that you and Zach will be filled with peace, regardless of the end result. Oh yeah, and you need to tell me your plans for Christmas because I’m hoping to be back in VA and since Carol will be around…nothing like getting the ol’ gang (and husbands and babies) together for a little reunion! I’m so happy and blessed to still have my community of girlfriends! I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Love you lots and lots and lots.

  2. Megan Says:

    I like your haircut! Your bangs are cute and I’m sure it feels much more shaped. And you look happy…and silly : ). Haha I can’t wait to find out what baby Whalen’s personality will be like. How did you like the Bubbles hair salon? I had to go to them a couple times to find a hairdresser who would do exactly what i wanted her to do and then I stuck with her. I hope they weren’t too expensive. I know they are a little more than some, but it’s usually worth it b/c they do a good job. okay, that’s all for now. Love you!

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