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waiting October 3, 2008

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We’re still waiting for bbwhalen to do the fliperoo.  But, yesterday, I had a thought which seems so simple, yet is doing wonders for my attitude: Why not enjoy all her little antics in the womb…the jabs, slides, pressing against my bladder and diaphragm and ribs all at once?  She will only be in this “place” once in her life, and it seems like she’s enjoying it, so why shouldn’t I?  Instead of being despondent every time I feel a movement and it not being “the big one,” I’ll just be glad that she’s content and happy where she is.  I feel that I’m just now getting to know her…

Zach update…I realize I haven’t posted about him for a while.  He is very busy but was able to enjoy some of his new Xbox 360 last night.  That was supposed to be a Xmas present from last year, then it was supposed to be a graduation gift, then it was supposed to be a “starting the new job” gift.  I guess it’s close enough to his b-day to be a birthday gift.  But, it really doesn’t matter.  I’m glad he gets to enjoy it.  He’s pretty behind on grading, and it’s because he feels he needs to grade the big projects before attempting to grade the smaller quizzes and blogs.  It’s just hard to start in on the big ones.   I think he’ll be gone most of the day grading.  And he’ll probably be grading all weekend, too.

I received a special surprise last night from my college girlfriends…a phone baby shower!  Edith, who lives here, came over around 8 last night and brought in several presents and an angel food cake!  Cynthia, Melanie, Leigh (and her mom!), and Annie had sent presents to Edith in the mail, and she brought them all over for me to open.  They were all on the phone when Edith arrived at the door.  They also went together and got us a few big ticket items: a stroller frame (the carseat just sits in it) and a Moby wrap (a big sheet of material that holds the baby very close to the body so you are hands-free!)  I got a ton of cute baby clothes, a Marcy Schlansker original blanket, a homemade nursing cover, and a few little baby toys.  I am so blessed to have friends like these.  It was totally unexpected and fun.  Zach helped keep it a secret…he and Edith planned it all out.  Thanks everybody!!!!  Oh, mom, there ARE pictures, but I haven’t gotten them off the camera:-)


2 Responses to “waiting”

  1. Megan Says:

    Wow that is so cool that your girlfriends did that for you….how fun! You are so loved. : )

  2. Melissa Says:

    Hi Stacy! I just discovered your blog. I’ve heard that inversions can be helpful for turning a baby. Although I’m not exactly sure how shoulderstands work when you have a big baby bump. If memory serves me right, you used to be pretty good at headstands as a kid.:-)

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