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check it out… February 17, 2009

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pict0138It’s Wendy’s new ride.  This was an awesome craigslist find…a BabyJogger II., which is exactly what I wanted for restarting running.  Zach will be able to use it too, obvioiusly, although it will probably mostly be me. (and wendy) since I’m usually the one home.  Now to find a dog stroller. ..could you imagine that?  Teddy in a stroller…………..

pict01431Ethan and Wendy got along really well this past weekend when the cousins came to visit.  He really likes her, I think.  Caleb does too, but he didn’t pay as much attention to her as Ethan did.


She is able to sit up in her bumbo chair…I think it looks so funny…just like a little man in a lounge chair, kickin back, enjoying life…


Today, she went in for her 4 month shots and checkup.  13lbs, 10 oz (50th percentile) and 25 inches (75th percentile).  So, where is she getting her tall genes from???

pict01741I am still trying to get the ball rolling for teaching.  I’ve got to decide if I’m going to teach at a local after school place or if I’ll teach from home.  There are adv. and disadv. to either, but at this point, I kind of just want to get started, hence, I might just sign on with the afterschool place for one day a week until I can get the business going at my house.  Any suggestions?


6 Responses to “check it out…”

  1. Edith Says:

    Wendy is just too cute! As for the tall genes….my vote is grandpa bailey gave them to her? maybe. Awesome jogging stroller by the way! That is exciting!

  2. Gma Says:

    She gets cuter by the minure… Her great-grandfather Whalen was tall.

  3. Melinda Says:

    Parker wants to know if it’s too late to ask Wendy to be his Valentine? I hope spring has sprung for you…I can’t wait to go outside in less than 3 layers and for more than 20 minutes at a time. Love ya!

  4. Momma Rose Says:

    Is Wendy blowing kisses in the last picture? Paul is the shortest guy in his family so maybe a little Whalen, a little Bailey = one cute little girl!

  5. Momma Rose Says:

    OH, one day a week sounds like an awesome way to start…baby steps baby steps baby steps back to work.

  6. Amanda D. Says:

    as for teaching, I have really enjoyed being home (& teaching from home) with Glen…although it is yet to be seen with two but I remember when first home with GLen and back to teaching, as long as she is a good napper, you (& Wendy) will probably do best at home…depends though, every child is different. will you be able to leave wendy with afterschool care? or will she still be with you? I would think being with you at the after school program would be a hinderance when she starts to get mobile and want to be mobile

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