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my friends… March 24, 2009

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This past weekend, I went to Lake Lure, NC with 5 of my closest friends from college and had a lovely time.  Edith, Melanie, Annie, Leigh, Cynthia, and I have been meeting every year in the spring to reconnect.  This year, we got to be at a lake house in Lake Lure because Cynthia’s new husband’s family owns the house.  Very nice.  We laughed a lot… harder than what I’ve laughed in a very long time. 100_2378

100_2366My friends also said that I wasn’t posting enough pictures of Wendy, so here are some…100_2352100_2354Wendy went in for some shots today…she is 15 pounds and 25.5 inches…both above 50th percentile.  I guess she’s healthy!  She loves to be upright and sit up.  In fact, she’s sitting in my lap right now, watching me type.  She can roll front to back but not back to front yet.  Pulling her socks and playing with  her feet is a favorite pasttime as well as drooling, yelling, and laughing.

100_2337And not to be left out…Teddy!  This picture was back a few weeks ago when it snowed 8 inches or so.  Teddy loved it.  We don’t let him run around in the backyard too much because our yard is the neighborhood-cat-litter-box.  Teddy loves cat poop and then brings his dirty mouth inside.  So…until I get up enough courage to talk to the 90-year-old neighbor who feeds the cats, I guess we just have to keep dealing with the problem.

This winter has been really rough for us weather-wise.  It seems it is never warm enough.  It has been so cold, and I hear that it has been unusually cold this winter.  I dread next winter already.  It is still cold today, in late March, getting down to 28 last night.  It’s hard not to dream of Florida.  Really hard.  But, spring is somewhere around the corner.  The trees are blooming, and it’s fun to see what’s sprouting around the yard.  I’d really like to get a small garden going this year, but I don’t know if it’s too late.  There are also plenty of other projects that have to be done besides a garden.

pict0150With Cousin Caleb over Valentine’s Weekend.

pict0157With Cousin Ethan over Valentine’s weekend.

And a few pics just for Zach:



3 Responses to “my friends…”

  1. Melinda Says:

    I’m so glad to see hear of the latest news and see some recent pictures! Wendy looks so grown up sitting next to Caleb and in the chair. Parker can’t sit up on his own yet but he’s perfected the back to tummy roll…so much so that every time I go in his room at night I end up flipping him back over. But that’s just until he can scootch and reach his pacifier. And “feet” is also the flavor of the month for him as well 🙂 I hope you’re surviving the rest of winter. March is almost over and Easter (and springtime) will soon arrive! Love you.

  2. Momma Rose Says:

    Nice blog! What a great tradition you and your friends have, maybe someday you will get together and show off pictures

    of your grandchildren.

  3. Gma Says:

    Our house was always cold until we got the gas furnace..Now it’s just like Florida all winter.
    Thanks for pictures of Miss Wendy..
    I know you had a good time with your girlfriends..

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