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Any suggestions? March 30, 2009

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teddyhair-004I talked to my neighbor today about the cats roaming around our house and using it as a litter box.  He said that his boys really liked the cats and they fed them whenever they came around.  (I was actually wishing he would say that he didn’t like them pooping, too.)  Unfortunately, he wasn’t very helpful, and we kept our conversation brief and forcedly friendly.  I don’t think either of us want an enemy for a neighbor, even if it is just over cat poop.  I wouldn’t normally have a problem with this…I mean, everyone poops, right? Problem is, Teddy loves these tasty little morsels.  They are his treat of choice any time he gets into the backyard.  We never know where the cats might decide to do their business.  I think we should be able to let Teddy in the backyard without having to clean his mouth out every time he comes back in.  I had a few thoughts, and I’d appreciate any feedback.

1.  Catch the offending cats and send them to SPCA (bad – b/c I’d be on the neighbor’s bad side and I might be responsible for the cats’ death if they didn’t get adopted.)

2.  Keep buying $10 boxes of pwdered repellent that only lasts a week and doesn’t work very well. (already tried it…if you miss a square inch in the mulch, that’s where the cat goes.)

3.  Cover the whole yard in rocks. (costly and heavy.)

4.  Never let Teddy outside (umm, no.)

5.  Watch Teddy very closely outside (not easy to do…you can’t catch him before he finds the goods)

6.  Let Teddy live outside most of the day for a week and see if any cats decide to come back.  (has potential…but would they come back when Teddy isn’t there?)

7.  Put covered litter boxes around the yard and hope the cats go in them instead of the mulch and dirt.  (has potential, but still expensive.  Also, would I have to be cleaning litter boxes for cats that aren’t even mine?)

Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.  I’d like to know what you’d do in our


5 Responses to “Any suggestions?”

  1. Melissa Ott Says:

    Hmm . . . this is a hard one! I say absolutely not on 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. I either don’t see them working or as adding a lot of work and expense for you. If I had to deal with something like this, I’d try option 6 first. Leave Teddy in your yard, and if it doesn’t work, catch the cats and send them to SPCA. I know you don’t want to do that, but since your neighbor isn’t willing to work with you, and you have a little one who will soon be big enough to play outside some, you really don’t have much choice. When we first moved in here, there was a huge brown cat that used to hang out in our backyard. It only took a couple of weeks of Tirzah tearing out of the house after him barking her head off like a crazy dog before he stopped coming around entirely. So, if you catch the cats in your yard, set Teddy loose on them. If you don’t catch them, leave him out there anyway, and hopefully they’ll stop coming around. Good luck!

  2. Melinda Says:

    I haven’t thought of any suggestions yet but needed to tell you how adorable Teddy is. We all know and gush about Wendy but he deserves some special attention from us as well! I’ll be thinking about some ideas for you and ask around.

  3. stacybee Says:

    Thanks Melissa and Melinda! Teddy will be joining me outside for the next several days whenever I think about it. Last night, we let him outside and he chased away a black cat. So maybe this can be his new “job.” You’re right Melinda…he is pretty cute!

  4. Momma Rose Says:

    Stacy, I think keeping peace with the neighbor is important. The cats will leave the backyard once Teddy stays outside for a few days. He will get into the messes and it will be gross. But it is better to get the yard cat free before Wendy wants to play outside . Protecting the backyard is his job. Maybe play tug of war with an old towel at night to clean his mouth!!!

  5. Melinda Says:

    So after thinking about it a little, I’ve decided that at least Teddy is eating cat poop the natural way: outside. I think it’s far worse when Maggie has gotten into Oreo’s litter box because the litter itself is pretty gross. Kitty “morsels” aren’t awesome for him to eat but at least he’s not rolling in it, right? And Wendy isn’t old enough to try and get her hands in his mouth and get the germs on her so I agree…this is a good time to let Teddy be the neutered male he is and take control of his yard. I think you’ll all be the better for it.

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