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Spring Schedule April 29, 2009

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Since living here in VA, I’ve had a rough time getting acclimated to this “new” place. (I lived near here in high school.) It’s been about 9 months already, but so much has happened. Moving (twice), buying our first house, giving birth to Wendy, not teaching piano lessons, not seeming to be able to START teaching again, not having the same friends nearby, not being able to exercise or run how I did in the past, and having a semi-permanent guest living with us. These are neither positive or negative on their own…just different – very different – than my life in Florida. Not to mention, the climate, flora, and fauna are quite different. It has been pretty hard for me not to compare VA to FL. I keep thinking of the Sara Groves song, Painting Pictures of Egypt.:

I’ve been painting pictures of Egypt
Leaving out what it lacked
The future seems so hard
And I want to go back
But the places that used to fit me
Cannot hold the things I”ve learned

etc. etc.

This refers to the Israelites, who, after starting out with Moses in the wilderness, longed for their lives back in Egypt, even though they were slaves back there. I’m not saying I was a slave back in FL, but that there is something NOW that the LORD has for me, for us. I’ve already experienced that, especially through Wendy.

That said, Zach and I are half-heartedly trying to claim this place as our own by finding redeeming qualities of the climate, flora, and fauna. Spring seems to be quite an event. I don’t remember the exact order of it, but I’ve noticed there seems to be a long drama called “Spring” that unfolds, one plant/act at a time. So far, daffodils tulips, dogwoods, forsythia, azaleas, cherry blossoms, pear blossoms, lilacs, and now wisteria, have emerged. I am having a good time discovering what exactly is blooming. I was pleasantly surprised at the wisteria.

And of course, the garden. I’m glad I’ve got that to watch. The peppers still haven’t popped through. Two nights ago, Dad, Zach, and I tasted our first food from the garden: Red Lettuce. We made pretty good sized salads. I just pluck off the outer leaves, letting the inner leaves continue growing. I did end up buying a 4 pack of yellow pear tomatoes to plant behind the garage. Here are some pictures.  This is of sweet peas (on the right) and yellow pear tomatoes on the left.

This is the square-foot garden:100_2472

This is the plant that popped through first – baby carrots:100_2473

And here is a hanging basket with basil and cilantro poking through:100_2474

Zach and I found Alum Spring Park last weekend and went for a stroll with Wendy along a few paths.  I had no idea it was right near campus.  If we had known about it, we may have been able to connect with the natural side of F-burg a little sooner.  I plan on making a few running routes for Zach at this park.  For those of you who don’t know, I am Zach’s personal trainer for his running goal coming up in November.  You can ask him about it if you are interested!

So, this has been a long post and I’m surprised Wendy is still somewhat content sitting under her playmat.  I suppose the fact that Hoda and Kathy Lee are on helps keep her attention.  Time to rescue her…


Wendy’s first bites

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Wendy had her first bites of “solid” food this morning…bananas!  As you can see. she woofed it down:


Allergies, dandelions, and the garden April 26, 2009

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Wendy woke me up no less than 6 times between 1 and 4 last night.  We had the windows open and fans going and air conditioner, since it was 96 degrees yesterday.  The AC just doesn’t work that well upstairs.  We have a window unit all ready to install.  So, I think her discomfort had to do with allergens creeping through the windows.  She must be taking after Zach and I with our allergies.  This morning, we slept in til 8:30.  Wendy didn’t wake up until about 9:30.  I walked into her room to this:

100_2456and this:100_2457A few minutes later, she was reading her book, as seen above her right shoulder.

Dandelions.  Everywhere.  I laughed at the commercial for Scotts turf builder 2, thinking, who cares about dandelions?  And yes, I know the redeeming qualities of this oft-hated “weed,” including the roots being used as a coffee substitute, the leaves being used in salads, etc.  I just don’t see myself needing THIS much coffee substitute:




The pictures don’t do it justice.

Garden.  I don’t have a picture of that right now, but everything has sprouted except the strawberries and peppers.  I’m a little worried about the peppers, and if they don’t start in the next week, I think I may just go get some seedlings.  I’m not expecting much out of the strawberries right now.  So, I’ve little sprouts of marigolds, nasturtiums, cucumbers, onions, carrots, and peas.  I have plants of red and green lettuce, broccoli, and tomatoes.  I’d really like to try growing some yellow tomatoes if I can find some seedlings.  I wonder if the local nursery has them or, since it’s an heirloom plant, if I have to get it from someone’s garden.  I know Rose and Paul have grown them…

There was something else I was going to write about, but I’ve forgotten.  Maybe later.  Oh yeah…does anyone know when and how much benadryl I can give a 6 month old baby (for allergies…not sleep!)?


Times Four April 23, 2009

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100_2452That is my mom’s van (which we were able to use since my dad drove it back to VA after his last visit with my mom).  It is full of sticks from our yard.  Wendy and I filled the van four times like this and took it to the dump.  It took a long time, but now, the back fence looks like THIS:

100_2450I know you’re probably thinking…umm, the back fence still looks pretty grown over.  You are right, the fence still needs to be cleared of brush and vines, and then we may be able to plant grass sometime.  I’m glad I got all the sticks that were piled up along the back…they would have been a great snake hideout.  Wendy and I are pleased:


Oh, and Wendy celebrated her half-birthday yesterday.  I think it’s cool that her 6 month birthday also happens to be earth day.  Talk to ya later.


2nd cup of coffee April 19, 2009

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I hardly ever even drink one cup…I just drank a second this evening.  Wendy has been giving us a difficult time at nights.  She wakes up completely around midnight, then again around 4 or 5.  This is not a problem.  I usually just feed her and try to put her back to sleep.  The problem is that she frequently yells out and/or screams and moans several times throughout the night in addition to the feeding/changing times.  When that’s happened (infrequently) in the past, Zach and I would take turns going in to replace the pacifier or try to calm her down.  But recently, she doesn’t want to go back to sleep, and the wailing and screaming gets louder and louder.  Wendy doesn’t seem happy with Zach trying to calm her down, which is frustrating to him, since he’s trying to give me a break.  After both of us have tried holding her hands, rocking, swaying, and singing, and more, I just feed her again…that is the surefire way to get her back to sleep.   I hate doing it that way because usually I had just fed her an hour earlier.  I just don’t want to create a habit of feeding her every time she cries…it’s just frustrating.  Let’s see how tonight goes.

Something else: we purchased a lawn mower today and Zach used it.  We have shorter grass now.  Hooray!

I went to Dana’s baby shower today and saw several friends I hadn’t seen since high school…Chrissie, Heidi, Molly, Stacy(I did see her at Megan’t wedding)  It was kind of weird, but pretty cool.  Catching up felt good.  I don’t know when I’ll run into these people again, but I might.

We got our soil tested for free at the grand opening of a new nursery.  I wanted to see the pH level of the soil to see if it would be good for blueberries.  The right side of our yard was 5.8, the left was 6.5.  Blueberries like 5.4 and under, I believe.  So, we’re pretty close on the right side!

Zach and I met 3 more sets of neighbors between the 2 of us today.  Bill in #15, Susan behind us, and Sarah and her family who live on the next street over.  I think people are slowly emerging from hibernation.  Everyone we’ve met says they are glad to finally see someone in the house and that it’s shaping up nicely.  I think I like our neighborhood.


evidence April 10, 2009

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100_2425If you look just left of center, in the second tree back, you’ll see a little blob in a short tree branch.  That is a cat.  Teddy put him up there.  I know sometimes cats have a hard time going down, but I guess this one made it back to safety ok.  I went back outside a few moments later and it was gone.  Teddy has been feeling empowered…

100_2429Out newest little Gator fan…the shirt was a gift in the mail from one of my former students.  I got Wendy to smile by barking like a dog…I’ve discovered she really likes it and cracks up whenever she hears a dog barking.  It’s so neat to see her personality develop!


more pictures April 7, 2009

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Rose and Paul came to visit a few days ago.  It was the most gorgeous weekend we’ve had all year in Virginia.  No rain, snow, or wind.  Temps in the mid 70s.  100_2411Perfect days to plant my square foot garden (Thanks for the suggestion, Aunt Melinda!), clean up the yard, chase some cats, and pressure wash the house.  Rose weeded the edge of the driveway and cleared out under the front trees.  She also gave me a tour of the front yard, showing me what plants were what, and we conjectured about the past gardener’s intentions with plant/flower placement.  Wendy got to spend time outside with pa pa.  100_2418Paul and Zach washed the house and garage.  I know it doesn’t look great, but believe me, it is MUCH better than it was.  At least now, there’s only paint chips to worry about.  We plan to paint the garage at some point.  Zach wants to paint it green.  I think that would be ok.  100_2424Teddy has been claiming the backyard.  He has been chasing several cats almost every day.  I read the Square foot gardening book and tried to follow most of it.  We also planted sugar snap peas and mixed annuals behind the garage.  Here’s what seeds are in my garden box so far: 2 pepper plants, 2 cucumber bushes, 2 squares of carrots, 1 onion square, 2 nasturtium squares and 1 marigold square.  I am going to go get some mixed lettuce and broccoli and cauliflower plants to fill the rest.  100_24231I will put squash and zucchini behind the garage when the weather gets a little warmer.  It is supposed to be 29 degrees tonight, so I’ll have to cover the box with a tarp or something.  I also have a pot ready for tomatoes and I am going to get a few pots for herbs and one for strawberries.  I think we have good soil and sun for a blueberry bush.  The soil has to be acidic and you need a lot of sun.  I realize I’m going crazy with all these planting ideas, but it’s so fun to think about.  One step at a time…

I finally got a picture of Wendy sucking her toes.  It is so cool.100_2407

She is also really good at crinkling the newspaper and looking at books.100_2409Goodbye!