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Times Four April 23, 2009

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100_2452That is my mom’s van (which we were able to use since my dad drove it back to VA after his last visit with my mom).  It is full of sticks from our yard.  Wendy and I filled the van four times like this and took it to the dump.  It took a long time, but now, the back fence looks like THIS:

100_2450I know you’re probably thinking…umm, the back fence still looks pretty grown over.  You are right, the fence still needs to be cleared of brush and vines, and then we may be able to plant grass sometime.  I’m glad I got all the sticks that were piled up along the back…they would have been a great snake hideout.  Wendy and I are pleased:


Oh, and Wendy celebrated her half-birthday yesterday.  I think it’s cool that her 6 month birthday also happens to be earth day.  Talk to ya later.


2 Responses to “Times Four”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    Wow, what an adventure you girls had with all those sticks. Did Teddy help drag any to the gate? I also thought it was a great thing that Wendy’s 1/2 birthday is on Earth Day. She is so special. Maybe she will have a green thumb! Earth Day is also Todd’s B-day. We are working in the backyard, trying to make a new garden. How is your garden growing?

  2. Gma Says:

    I think you and Wendy have spring fever like the rest of us….

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