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Mother’s Day Present May 15, 2009

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Hello.  This was a very special first mother’s day for me.  I know, last year, I was technically a mother, but this was the first one with Wendy out in the world.  Zach’s mom and grandparents were here, and that made 4 generations all in one place, and 3 mothers who all got waited on.  Gma has a great picture of us on her blog.  We went to IHOP, worked outside in the flower beds, drove/walked around F’burg, and went to an Irish restaurant.  Zach attended his first graduation as a professor, sending out a group of seniors that he will miss, I’m sure.  Zach asked what I wanted, and I told him I wanted a campfire.  So, we collected the few sticks left in the backyard and had a small fire, roasted marshmallows and hotdogs, and had a great time.100_2490

and100_2491 and



Here’s Rose with Wendy, who is really into grabbing people’s faces…I’d like to discourage this habit because sometimes it hurts!100_2485and a little nicer:100_2484

Gpa played some wonderful music.  He just sits down and starts playing without a plan, and beautiful, creative music comes out.  I will post some of that later.


4 Responses to “Mother’s Day Present”

  1. Gma Says:

    Those hotdogs were so good…I had to get some yesterday for lunch but they were’t the same cooked in the kitchen. I loved the cook-out. I remember our first one when David was a baby..We went to Cades Cove and had an impromptu weiner roast. I tried to duplicate that time for the rest of my life…

  2. Momma Rose Says:

    Thank you for inviting us to share your first Mother’s Day with you. We had a sweet time. I hope we all behaved and get invited back again someday. Gpa is packed and ready to return at any moment!

  3. Laura Marie Says:

    You know, there really isn’t much that makes me happier than getting to listen to G-pa play the piano. We should record him one day (when he isn’t looking, because he’d probably protest if he know).

  4. stacybee Says:

    Laura, we actually did record gpa playing! I don’t think he knew I was doing it. I just have to get it posted up here, which apparently is more difficult than I thought.

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