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What Wendy’s been up to May 25, 2009

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Since her first encounter with bananas, Wendy’s had pears, avocado, and sweet potato.  Sweet potato seems to take the prize as the top food of choice (just like her mom and both grammies!)  By the way,  Zach’s mom is being called Nanna, and my mom called herself grammy once, so I’m calling her that:-)  Avocado is not her favorite.  I don’t blame her…I wouldn’t choose to eat just a spoonful of avocado without a chip or at least some salt sprinkled on.  Anyway, eating is a challenge with Teddy around.  Wendy constantly looks for him and lunges or reaches for him if they are 10 feet or closer.  Notice Teddy in the foreground:


Also, Wendy has been on her tummy a lot.  She scoots backwards and can even get up on her knees.  She also gets one foot planted on the ground.  She also really likes being on her feet and would rather stand (with my help) than sit.




We’re going to have to baby-proof pretty soon.


One Response to “What Wendy’s been up to”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    Thanks for the pictures and updates.. Paul and I love to see her progress….How are the flowers in the new garden?

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