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Being a mom hurts. May 26, 2009

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Physically, that is.  Emotionally, Wendy hasn’t hurt my feelings yet.  (I’m sure that will come.)

I’ve been experiencing tendonitis in my left wrist/thumb joint.  Did some research and found out it’s pretty common in moms carrying around a heavy child.  It’s called DeQuervain’s syndrome. I’ve been wearing a thumb stabilizer when I think about it, but it’s hard to do anything with it on.  It feels worse when it’s rainy out, like it is today.

My left kneecap hurts on the inside, and I feel it as I’m lifting Wendy up to put her on my left hip.  That, and I feel some bursitis in my left heel.

I guess my 17lb little baby is going to have to figure out how to hold herself or walk pretty soon.   Or I have to adjust how I’m holding her, or I just have to heal.

FLAN: I made flan for the first time in our Jefferson st. house this morning.   I really like flan, but not just any flan.  GOYA brand.  Yes, I know it’s not exactly homemade, but I believe it’s the best of the box brands.  Jello brand and Royal brand end up tasting too jello-ey or jiggly.  There is just the right amount of lightness and stability with Goya.  If anyone has a great from-scratch recipe for flan, I’d love to try it.  I’ve tried several flans at restaurants, and I don’t really care for those, either.  They tend to be heavy and rubbery tasting.  GOYA all the way.

And in other news, Wendy needs to learn how to sleep one more hour in the morning.  5:30 or 6am rolls around and Miss Wendy is in there alternately screaming/crying/talking to herself.  It would be nice if we could all wake up at 7.  I have heard that sleep begets sleep and that if I put her to bed earlier, it might just do the trick.  So instead of a 7-7:30 bedtime, I’ll try for 6:30-7 tonight and see what tomorrow morning holds:-)

I do love being a mom – really!  So many things for me to learn.


One Response to “Being a mom hurts.”

  1. Gma Says:

    I remember that Rose had that wrist problem when her babies were little…She developed new arm muscles too…

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