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My Birthdfay June 8, 2009

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I’ll just leave the title the way it is…kinda humorous.

Zach and I visited the Baptist church downtown and met the preacher – his 3rd/4th (?) cousin.  Gma pointed this out and so we visited:-)

Then, after Wendy’s nap and some yardwork by Zach, we took a hike through the woods at Belmont, the home of Gari Melcher, 19th century impressionist painter.  Zach and I can get into the home and do activities there for free since he is UMW faculty.  We walked around the grounds along the river and it was a beautiful day.100_2562That is a $5 kidpack/stroller I found at a church yard sale last weekend.  Nothing fancy and not high tech, but it is a stroller AND a kid carrier, which is cool.100_2561



We came home, rested, and then Zach made me a nice dinner of bacon-wrapped asparagus, salmon sandwiches with garlic sauce, and orzo pasta salad with garden basil and cilantro.  And watermelon punch.  It was super fantastic.

Edith, Philip, and Peyton came over right before dinner to get the sheets for the co-sleeper they are borrowing for their new baby.  She is being induced TODAY, and probably is in labor at this very moment.  The doctors think her baby will be too big if she goes to her due date, which is next week.  I’ll be excited to meet little baby Yonts sometime in the next day or two.  No picture of them, yet.

Wendy sleeping update:  She gets to sleep pretty quickly at night, around 7pm.  However, her naps are more difficult.  She is almost completely asleep when I put her in the crib, but as soon as she hits the mattress, she flips over on her tummy and crawls around, playing on the bumper pad and crib bars.  Don’t worry, she can’t climb out.  Eventually she falls asleep in some weird position backed into a corner or with a foot sticking out of the crib.  What a cool kid:100_2556


3 Responses to “My Birthdfay”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    What a wonderful birthdfay, thanks for sharing pictures! Zach is such a creative cook. We would like to visit Belmont sometime! What a great smile to end a great blog.

  2. Megan Says:

    What great pictures and a great “birthdfay!” Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you really had a wonderful birthday thanks to your wonderful husband and daughter. You deserve it!
    Love you guys!
    PS I watched The Man on the Moon yesterday and it made me miss my sisters!

  3. Gma Says:

    I’m so glad that you went to the Baptist Church…What did you think of it?

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