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Wendy can move! June 20, 2009

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Here are the links to the youtube videos of Wendy crawling.  She sometimes uses a foot instead of a knee, but she definitely is going forward.  Sorry about my high pitched voice in the first video.

Wendy 1

Wendy 2 (Notice, she’s really going for the camera strap, not me!)

Also, here are some pictures of the monster in the closet (the oil furnace) as it’s being taken out.  There was some pretty gross stuff in there.

100_2574 100_2575 100_2581

They also took out the oil tank in the backyard, so now it looks nice and clear.


Tomorrow is our 6 year anniversary!  Look at what we’ve become in that time…Here’s a picture from last week of our little family when we all inadvertently dressed in green.



One Response to “Wendy can move!”

  1. Momma Rose Says:

    Yeah, she did it! It looks like she wants to go straight to standing. Thanks for the videos. What a stinky mess you had in that closet. Is it all gone? What happened to the hole? Do you have air conditioning now? The back yard does look nicer without the dinosaur bone holder.

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