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Fathers Day/Anniversary June 24, 2009

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Our 6th anniversary was Saturday, we celebrated Father’s Day then because the thing Wendy wanted to take him to was only open Saturdays.  She took him to the Blue and Grey (Micro)Brewery in Fredericksburg for their tour and free tastings.  He came home with a growler filled with a 1/2 gallon of pale ale.



Our plan is to go to the zoo/aquarium/DC  for our anniversary, but with the Metro situation still fresh, that may not happen for a little while.  We could drive in, but we don’t know enough about town to feel comfortable with that.

In another situation, last week, I woke up in the middle of the night having been “pinched” by a thistle/burr and frantically brushed it off.  The next day, I changed the sheets.  That night, I was pinched again, only this time, I turned on the light and found a bug crawling on me.  Zach insisted that I was only dreaming about a bug on me until he saw it’s gross pinchers and killed it.  It must’ve been living in the comforter, which I hadn’t washed.  I found another one in Wendy’s room on the wall.  It was not as big as mine, but we managed to get a fuzzy picture:

100_2594I know, not enough to identify it with here, but we determined that it is probably some sort of woodworm beetle that eats old wood.  We need to call our pest control guy to take a look.  I haven’t seen any more than the two.  Eeek!

Wendy is really moving.  Also, today I went for my first meeting with SeeMommyRun, a group of women who walk/run with their babies around town.  I met with Stephanie today and we walked the canal path because her knee was hurting.  Turns out, she was roommates in college with a few girls I knew in high school, the Barg twins.  She also knows some people from our old church when we lived in Stafford, the Whittens.  We had a good time, and I’m glad I am finally getting to meet some people.  Because our schedule was a little messed up, Wendy wouldn’t take a nap when we got home and ended up falling asleep in the high chair while I was eating lunch.



That’s about enough for now.  Talk to you later!


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