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beach July 27, 2009

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Teddy and I reading a book.


Rose and W.




Melinda and I visited this site a few years back when we spent a few weeks in Duck.


This girl practically ran into the surf.






Feed Your Stash Friday July 25, 2009

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This Wweek’s Feed Your Stash Friday is 2 Kissaluvs Marvel’s One Size Fitteds.  You can enter at

I’m writing this post from Zach’s tiny computer, and some of the windows are invading my writing space, so it’s difficult to see what I’m writing.  Therefore, this post will be shorter than I’d like it to be.  Regardless, the question you must answer to enter the contest is ” What would be your perfect diaper package and how much would you pay for it?”  This is what I wrote:

The ultimate CD package would include:
12 each of newborn and infant indian unbleached PFs
1 thirsties cover in each size, XS, S, M
1 Disana wool cover, Medium
1 kissaluvs one size fitted
1 softbums one size fitted
2 Rocky mt. pockets
2 Softbum Perfect Fit systems
2 BumGenius AIOs each in XS, S, M

And all snaps are preferable!

I would pay 350, considering it’s probably worth a lot more than that and I’d expect it to last through multiple children.  I haven’t tried a few of the ones I put on my list. Of course, you also need at least one wet bag for the nursery and 24 baby washcloths to use as wipes.  A few more little accessories, and you’ll have everything needed to CD for a good while.

Now, I want to post a few pics from our beach vacation, but I’m not sure it this computer, being as tiny as it is, will accept the gift of the ccamera cord.  So, be on the llookout, I just might do it!


I like this one… July 18, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — stacybee @ 6:47 pm is doing their Feed Your Stash giveaway now-July 24.

Go here to enter.  I like this blog’s contests because you don’t have to keep posting tweets or blog comments or whatever to get entries.  You can only get 1-2 entries, and you do it all in one sitting.  I recommend trying.

This week, it’s for a GroBaby set, wet bag, and Tiny Bubbles detergent.  You may remember me saying I’d write about the GroBaby I got for free last week.  So, I am writing about it now.  I like the GroBaby enough to try for another, so I guess it’s a good sign.


Very absorbent soaker, nice feeling organic cotton, elastic in soaker matches up with elastic in shell

two snaps to hold soaker in shell

mesh lining dries quickly

great fit on 9 mo. daughter on largest setting

you can lay a prefold or other soaker in if you want to reuse shell.


Soaker won’t fit properly if not on largest setting b/c elastic doesn’t line up.  It’s too thick to fold over in the front.

Soaker takes very long to dry

Hook and loop closure is VERY sticky and sticks to mesh lining or anything else if you have even a few hooks out of place.

This dipe works well for my baby b/c she’s wearing it on the largest setting.  And you know how I feel about snap-down rises (I don’t like them.) So, I’m glad I don’t have to use that part of the diaper.

I’d still be happy to win one and some detergent and a wet bag!


Last one today! July 16, 2009

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I think this will be my last post for today.  Zach is running an XC “race” tonight at Pratt like he did last week.  We’ll see how his sweat band works!


100_2706Garden stuff.  I wanted to test out the carrots to see how done they are…they are good but could stand to grow a bit more, as they were slightly bitter.  They are the short kind…not supposed to be huge.


100_2709Just a few random pics of me and Wendy.  I spend all my time with her…we love each other very much.  I think we have trouble having an identity apart from each other right now!  As it should be at this stage, I suppose:-)


Lest you think…

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that my blog has merely become an advertisement for various cloth diaper things, I present to you…………….


100_2719In the spirit of the Whalen family, here is a picture of our dinner last night, minus the squash casserole.  The cucumber, tomato, and nasturtium are from our garden!  We’ve had limited success in the garden, with a tomato that stopped growing, one that died completely, and a pepper plant that never grew in the first place.  I think it was the Mel’s mix (from the new book version).  I heard from several others that their plants just stopped growing relatively suddenly.  However, I’ve made basil/pear icecream and nasturtium icecream from our bounty!  The nasturtium wins the prize for being tastiest.

100_2716I like this picture of my mom and Wendy, even though my mom will say her hair wasn’t done all the way yet!  Wendy was doing one of her “push off whoever is holding me” moves.

100_2722Wendy also likes to stick her fingers into things.  Here, she’s found a hole in Zach’s shoe.

100_2723Here is Zach in his new sweatband blowing bubbles (from Zach’s mom) for Wendy.  She is just about ready to stand on her own!


Can it get any better? Tiny Bubbles.

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Yes, I’m sure it can.  But, just for kicks, I’m writing about a new detergent by the Natural Diaper Co.  I guess they are really promoting their new products.  Just last week, I blogged about wanting to try a GroBaby diaper, and guess what?  They sent me a FREE one.  Yes, Free.  And I do like the diaper.  I will write about that later.

This new product is called Tiny Bubbles, and it is phosphate free and biodegradable.  And a whole lot of other good stuff.  Read about it here:

I’d like to get my hands on some Tiny Bubbles to try it.  I used BioKleen Liquid on my diapers at first, and then I decided I wanted a powder, which is a lot less messy.  So I’ve switched to Nellie’s Laundry Soda.  I actually use this for all my laundry, so whatever I end up using, it has to be useful for everyone’s stuff, AND be gentle on the diapers.  It looks like Tiny Bubbles will hold up to the task.  I like that it’s a low-residue formula.  I wonder if that means I won’t have to do an extra rinse on the diapers…that would save some water.


GroBaby July 8, 2009

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I thought Wendy was awake from her nap, but I guess not.  She’s asleep again, which gives me a chance to write a comment or two about a diaper I’ve been “watching.”

The Natural Diaper Company has a new diaper out called GroBaby.   Check out the diaper here:

It is a one-size all-in-two diaper, which means you can reuse the shell several times and just snap in a new soaker.  I don’t have one yet, but I’m interested in looking at this diaper and trying it.  I have another type of diaper this company makes:  DreamEze, which are really soft and absorbent.  The things I like most about the DreamEze is that it is side snapping and trim.  I actually use my DreamEze at night a lot because of the absorbency.  I wonder if the GroBaby will be similar.

From the looks on their website, I think the mesh inner lining looks like it would help the shell dry faster than other covers.  It also looks as if there are 2 snaps, one in the front, one in the back to help keep the soaker in place, which I think will be very useful.  I also like the fact that the soaker is organic cotton, which is usually very soft next to baby’s skin.

However, looking on various retailers’ websites, I can’t figure out if it is hook-and-loop (velcro) closure or snap closure.  I have been finding both.  I think I’d like it more if it were side snapping…that helps clothes lay more flat against the diaper.  If it is velcro, I’d be interested to hear if it really stays pill-free.

I usually don’t like the snap-down one size mechanism because either they come unsnapped as you are putting it on baby, or it makes for too much bulk in the front of the diaper.  Maybe this one will not have those problems.

I’d really like to try this diaper, though, and compare it to another one-size all-in-two diaper that I recently wrote a post about, SoftBums.   After doing some math, I noticed that a GroBaby with 3 inserts will run about $41.90 compared to SoftBums, which runs about $43 if you upgrade to the bamboo.  If you stick with microfiber inserts on the SoftBums, it is only $33.  So the question is, which soakers are more absorbent?  GroBaby Organic Cotton, SoftBums Microfiber, or SoftBums Bamboo?

I’d like to try and find out!