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Can it get any better? Tiny Bubbles. July 16, 2009

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Yes, I’m sure it can.  But, just for kicks, I’m writing about a new detergent by the Natural Diaper Co.  I guess they are really promoting their new products.  Just last week, I blogged about wanting to try a GroBaby diaper, and guess what?  They sent me a FREE one.  Yes, Free.  And I do like the diaper.  I will write about that later.

This new product is called Tiny Bubbles, and it is phosphate free and biodegradable.  And a whole lot of other good stuff.  Read about it here:

I’d like to get my hands on some Tiny Bubbles to try it.  I used BioKleen Liquid on my diapers at first, and then I decided I wanted a powder, which is a lot less messy.  So I’ve switched to Nellie’s Laundry Soda.  I actually use this for all my laundry, so whatever I end up using, it has to be useful for everyone’s stuff, AND be gentle on the diapers.  It looks like Tiny Bubbles will hold up to the task.  I like that it’s a low-residue formula.  I wonder if that means I won’t have to do an extra rinse on the diapers…that would save some water.


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