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Lest you think… July 16, 2009

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that my blog has merely become an advertisement for various cloth diaper things, I present to you…………….


100_2719In the spirit of the Whalen family, here is a picture of our dinner last night, minus the squash casserole.  The cucumber, tomato, and nasturtium are from our garden!  We’ve had limited success in the garden, with a tomato that stopped growing, one that died completely, and a pepper plant that never grew in the first place.  I think it was the Mel’s mix (from the new book version).  I heard from several others that their plants just stopped growing relatively suddenly.  However, I’ve made basil/pear icecream and nasturtium icecream from our bounty!  The nasturtium wins the prize for being tastiest.

100_2716I like this picture of my mom and Wendy, even though my mom will say her hair wasn’t done all the way yet!  Wendy was doing one of her “push off whoever is holding me” moves.

100_2722Wendy also likes to stick her fingers into things.  Here, she’s found a hole in Zach’s shoe.

100_2723Here is Zach in his new sweatband blowing bubbles (from Zach’s mom) for Wendy.  She is just about ready to stand on her own!


One Response to “Lest you think…”

  1. Melinda Says:

    What’s up with these October babies trying to crawl/climb/stand at world records?!? We’re embarking on the injury stage with all of Parker’s antics. He’s pretty good at cheering up after bonking his head unless he’s tired. We need to talk soon and compare notes. Good luck winning all of those contents!

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