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I like this one… July 18, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — stacybee @ 6:47 pm is doing their Feed Your Stash giveaway now-July 24.

Go here to enter.  I like this blog’s contests because you don’t have to keep posting tweets or blog comments or whatever to get entries.  You can only get 1-2 entries, and you do it all in one sitting.  I recommend trying.

This week, it’s for a GroBaby set, wet bag, and Tiny Bubbles detergent.  You may remember me saying I’d write about the GroBaby I got for free last week.  So, I am writing about it now.  I like the GroBaby enough to try for another, so I guess it’s a good sign.


Very absorbent soaker, nice feeling organic cotton, elastic in soaker matches up with elastic in shell

two snaps to hold soaker in shell

mesh lining dries quickly

great fit on 9 mo. daughter on largest setting

you can lay a prefold or other soaker in if you want to reuse shell.


Soaker won’t fit properly if not on largest setting b/c elastic doesn’t line up.  It’s too thick to fold over in the front.

Soaker takes very long to dry

Hook and loop closure is VERY sticky and sticks to mesh lining or anything else if you have even a few hooks out of place.

This dipe works well for my baby b/c she’s wearing it on the largest setting.  And you know how I feel about snap-down rises (I don’t like them.) So, I’m glad I don’t have to use that part of the diaper.

I’d still be happy to win one and some detergent and a wet bag!


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