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Feed Your Stash Friday July 25, 2009

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This Wweek’s Feed Your Stash Friday is 2 Kissaluvs Marvel’s One Size Fitteds.  You can enter at

I’m writing this post from Zach’s tiny computer, and some of the windows are invading my writing space, so it’s difficult to see what I’m writing.  Therefore, this post will be shorter than I’d like it to be.  Regardless, the question you must answer to enter the contest is ” What would be your perfect diaper package and how much would you pay for it?”  This is what I wrote:

The ultimate CD package would include:
12 each of newborn and infant indian unbleached PFs
1 thirsties cover in each size, XS, S, M
1 Disana wool cover, Medium
1 kissaluvs one size fitted
1 softbums one size fitted
2 Rocky mt. pockets
2 Softbum Perfect Fit systems
2 BumGenius AIOs each in XS, S, M

And all snaps are preferable!

I would pay 350, considering it’s probably worth a lot more than that and I’d expect it to last through multiple children.  I haven’t tried a few of the ones I put on my list. Of course, you also need at least one wet bag for the nursery and 24 baby washcloths to use as wipes.  A few more little accessories, and you’ll have everything needed to CD for a good while.

Now, I want to post a few pics from our beach vacation, but I’m not sure it this computer, being as tiny as it is, will accept the gift of the ccamera cord.  So, be on the llookout, I just might do it!


One Response to “Feed Your Stash Friday”

  1. Peter Says:

    Have I apologized to Zach yet for having my wife evangelize you about cloth diapering? If not, please do so for me on my behalf! Thanks! 😀

    I always enjoy reading your posts–Melissa and I are jealous of your garden. We started a small one this year, but we had weather that was too cold followed by really dry weather. Our plants just aren’t doing much (expect the zucchini of course).

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