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Look what I made last night August 6, 2009

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Now that I have a craft/sewing room set up, I can try new things.  These are fleece shorties.  Supposedly, they can be used as a diaper cover, but I found that they felt a little damp after about 1.5 hours.  Not sure if this is just how fleece is, or if I used the wrong kind of fleece.  I know it’s not water*proof* but fleece is used as diaper covers a LOT.  so, hmm.  If I can’t use them as a cover, at least they’re pretty cute!!  Oh, and that little patch is a heart:-)


2 Responses to “Look what I made last night”

  1. Megan Cox Says:

    Wow so cute Stacy! You are my inspiration : ) I want to be crafty like you. Oh and who are those upside down people in that picture she is holding??? Wendy must love her Aunt Megan and Uncle Mike

  2. Melinda Says:

    Does Wendy like to steal things off the fridge too? Madeleine has the letter and number magnets and Parker is obsessed with pulling them off. Fortunately he’s pretty good about not trying to eat them any more but it’s a fun game they play…Madeleine screams, “No aker (her name for him)!!! Mine!!!” while pushing the magnets higher and higher up the fridge while Parker giggles and reaches on his tippy toes to grab those she’s missed, throwing them to the ground once he gets them which only incites Madeleine to yell louder and start pushing him. It’s a lovely little daytime drama 🙂 Wendy looks super cute and I’m jealous that you had the energy to sew. Keep up the creativity! Love you and we’ll talk soon.

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