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Our adventure today! August 15, 2009

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I think this is my 5th post today, but I saved it for last because it was quite an adventure.  This morning, Zach, Wendy, and I went to Prince William National Forest, which is about 20 miles north of Fredericksburg.  We wanted to find some spot of nature and peace before the school year starts for Zach, which is next week.  We were pleased to find that it was free weekend, which means we didn’t have to pay $5 .

We headed out with Wendy in tow and snacks in backpack and started “hiking” through the woods.  I say that because there doesn’t seem to be any destination hikes, and not many hills, but there’s a pretty extensive trail system with almost 40 miles of trails.  Plus, a 12 mile scenic road loop that a lot of cyclers use.  Wendy missed the first half:


We continued along, crossing over a wood/cabled bridge:


And we stopped at a creekside bank to have some snacks:



We hiked for about 2.5 hours, which was pretty long with Wendy on our backs.   Zach thinks this will be a good place to do some miles for his training.  Did you know he has a pretty cool goal?

On the way back, it took a long time in the van.  I-95 was slowing down around Garrisonville, so we got off on Rt. 1.  That was going smoothly until we hit traffic waiting at the Falmouth Bridge…from several miles away.  It took us a solid 40 minutes (yes!) to get through the light at the Falmouth intersection.

At least we had a mornings worth of peace and tranquility:


Maybe next time we’ll take Teddy, too!


2 Responses to “Our adventure today!”

  1. gma Says:

    Oh what fun…

  2. Nana Says:

    I looked up this park after reading about your adventure. They have a great website. Sounds like the ride home would have been rough on Teddy. Wasn’t it nicer to be stuck in traffic in the van, instead of the car!

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