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THIS was in my house! August 16, 2009

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100_2914Right under the range hood, a katydid decided to hang out.  And when I tried to coax it onto a piece of paper to take it outside, it decided to fly right in my face!  And it got Teddy all riled up, me running through the house trying to get it out of my hair, and now, I have no idea where it is.  Except that it’s still in the house.

Nevertheless, I am being Betty Suzie Homemaker today while Zach is on 24/7 class prep mode.  I am making bread and making yogurt this afternoon.  What are you doing, oh readers of my blog?


2 Responses to “THIS was in my house!”

  1. Melinda Says:

    We cleaned out the garage and I’ve spent most of the day arranging for people to pick up things I’ve listed on Craigslist and Freecycle. I did manage to make homemade mac and cheese too but I can’t eat it (because of Parker’s dairy allergy) which is a big bummer considering I LOVE the vintage white cheddar that I use… Justin loves katydids so he’ll be tickled to hear you have one living with you. I wouldn’t want them living in my house but I do miss the sound of them in the evenings! Love you and miss you!

  2. gma Says:

    A cricket in the house is good luck….

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