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a new accessory September 25, 2009

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Wendy has a hard time keeping any sort of hat or headband on.  And she finally has enough little strands of hair for me to clip.  It just helps identify her as a girl.  Not that I mind if she isn’t girly, but it is just cute.


100_3029Plus, once I put it in, she doesn’t even know it’s there, so it’s less likely to be pulled out.  It is a choking hazard, though, so it will be left off if we’re in the car or if I can’t supervise her immediately!


Grassy Girl September 23, 2009

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Just chillin outside in the grass.  I guess it doesn’t bother her as much as it does me.  I was so itchy when I came back inside.  And in case you wonder about all those blog entries about entering contests, just to let you know, I’m doing that as part of the entry process for winning.  I don’t mean to pressure anyone into entering a contest to win diaper stuff.  I just really want to win these particular items because they are so expensive otherwise.  So you can choose to ignore those if you want.  I really don’t want to make my blog an advertisement site.  But I do want to win things.:-)

Here’s a picture from when I got to visit my friend Carol from high school, who is 6-7 months pregnant and has a 20 month old son Soren.  They came to town with her sister Stacy for their grandma’s 95th birthday.  I haven’t seen Carol since Melinda’s wedding in 2004.  Carol, Melinda, and I were the Three Musketeers in high school.  We are all spread out around the country, now.   Wendy and Soren had a good time together!




More Wool, Please

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Wendy seems to have ultra-sensitive skin.  She’s battled rashes most of her life, even though we’ve cloth diapered her.  I’ve been noticing lately that she seems to get more rashy when she’s wearing synthetic materials like fleece, suedecloth, microfiber, or is wearing a cover that is waterproof (PUL).  She seems to get relief after wearing natural fibers like cotton with a wool cover.  Wool is really cool.  If I had to do it again, I would diaper with only cotton and wool (or fleece).  (I know fleece may not be natural, but it acts like wool, in that it allows airflow to the skin).

Like I was saying, Wool is Cool.  You might be thinking of your hot itchy winter sweaters, but wool for diaper covers is untreated, so not itchy.  It is not as hot as you might think.  For example, would you rather wear a wet bathing suit with a wool sweater over top, or a plastic bag?  I think wool.  It absorbs up to 30% of it’s weight in moisture, allows airflow, and so much more.  Go to this post “Wool? Seriously?” on to read all about why Wool is Cool.

I’m entering this contest to win a wool wrap from CYA Wool Wraps from  The neat thing about this company is that she can also take one of your old sweaters and turn it into a wool wrap for you.  I personally would just want one of the cashmere ones she makes, but recycling is good, too.  Here’s the entry link. Good luck.



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What a name, right?  This is a company that sells cloth diapers, wool interlock karate pants and soakers.  I really want to try some of their products because they look really soft for baby.  You should check out their site.  They partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree in Southeast Asia for every diaper bought from them.  That’s pretty neat.  But the problem is, their stuff is very expensive.  I guess when you are paying workers a fair wage and running things responsibly, you can’t offer products that are cheap.  Lucky for me, though, I’m entering another contest from to win either a pair of karate pants or 2 wool soakers.  You can enter, too.  Here’s the link to the contest.


Kiwi Pie

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I don’t know if that’s actually a dessert that people make or not.  It might be good.

But even better is Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted Diapers.  You might remember a few weeks ago I was surprised to find out I had won 2 of these squishy expensive diapers from the twitter giveaway at I really really like them because they are cute, natural fiber-ed and they were free (to me).

Now, I’m entering another contest to try to win 2 more.  You can enter, too.  This contest is run by and here is the link to the contest.  Good luck.


Big Blog Update September 18, 2009

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Hang on…lots of pictures:





My mom and dad were here last weekend to help me clean out the garage.   My dad did most of it, helping to lift the heavy things, ripping the rusty shelves off the wall, and nailing in hooks/nails on the walls.  Everything in the first 2 pictures WAS on the floor of the garage.  Now, everything has its place on a hook on the wall.  It’s AMAZING.  We were able to park the van in it.   We probably won’t do that on a regular basis because the door is in bad shape, not automated, and flips out instead of rolling into the garage.  Our neighbors said they couldn’t remember the last time a car attempted to park in our garage.  Oh, the fun things we found in there.  Evidence of cats in the rafters, an old crib, twin bed frame, bunk bed parts (some of which had graffiti on them, like “Jesse Rules,” “I Love Mom,” and one more that was funny but I can’t remember.  We are completely indebted to my mom and dad for making this possible.  With my dad’s strength and my mom’s organization/rationality, the project was finished in 2 days with only one trip to the dump.

Zach and I were able to go out for dinner that night:


Wendy got to wear her Gator Baby shirt for the game last week.  This is also our attempt at a family picture.  Teddy wasn’t cooperating, so he’s out:


I also got my hair cut that day:


And Wendy also wore a shirt that Nana picked out for her:


And she decided she wanted some of my coffee…don’t worry, there was seriously only one drop in there.


Also, here are some of my latest creations for Wendy.  This one is an appliqued birdy on a white shirt.


And here are some “Crazy Pants” I made out of scrap fleece, intended for them to be a diaper cover (as in, never to be seen in public – except on a blog post??).  Turns out, they are a little small in the bottom area and too long in the legs.  I still think they’re funny and cute:




And if you’ve made it this far, you will be rewarded with a cute picture of Daddy and daughter before he went to work:

100_2999Toldja it was a long big blog update.


The $3 + orange pepper September 8, 2009

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Do you see the orange pepper on the top left?  Isn’t it beautiful?  It also tasted very good.  This is the only fruit our orange pepper plant has produced, and considering the cost of the plant and the dirt, I judge this treat to cost about $3.  It doesn’t look like this plant will be making many more peppers.  But to those who say that backyard gardening can save you money, that may not always be true!  Now, I’m not upset about it…I’ve actually learned from my gardening experiences this summer and plan to do several things differently next season.

So far, we’ve had several good carrots, cherry tomatoes, and 3-4 early girl tomatoes.  We had about 3 cucumbers, 3 green peppers, and several nasturtium flowers.  Overall, I still am aspiring to be like my mother-in-love Rose, who has built up this beautiful garden.

Granted, there are several weeks left in the growing season, and I’ve purchased some lettuce plantlings for the fall, since they actually did very well in the spring.  I’m wondering if I should plant this lettuce in the raised bed (containing Mel’s Mix) or put it in pots so that I can bring them indoors when needed.  If I use the pots, I’ll have to buy garden soil to put in it.  Or I suppose I could still use the raised bed but just mix in some better soil.  Hmmm???????????